Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope Cancer Horoscope

A career breakthrough is possible. Cancer native, this week you may be seeing more money in your bank account.

The week begins on Sunday, September 27 with Venus, in your house of money, cuddling up to the North Node in your house of possibilities. Today's a good day for brainstorming different ideas that could open up streams of revenue for you. With Venus involved, you should focus on things that sound enjoyable as well as profitable. The North Node lights up your life path through your spiritual house helping you co-create something with the Universe.

On September 28, Venus lines up with Saturn, the gatekeeper, in your house of relationships. While you tell others about your exciting new plan, they may bring out a list of why it won't work. Saturn loves to play the devil's advocate. But rather than feeling like your hot air balloon has been shot full of holes, consider how to overcome the obstacles they suggest. These people care about you, but they have fears of their own. Thank them for their kind concerns and then privately consider if what they said has merit so you can make adjustments as needed.

The week continues and on Tuesday, September 29, Saturn pauses, turns, and begins to move forward, opening up new avenues for you. At the same time, Mars calls a meeting with both Saturn and Venus. Now there is the balance of the desire for these new sources of income and an awareness of the mountain to be climbed to achieve these goals. Mars comes in as your hiking guide, ready to outfit you for the journey ahead. Grab your walking poles, you're going for the summit.

The full moon in Aries lights up the top of your chart on October 1 bringing you inspiration from a surprising source. Today, you may find out that one of your grandparents had a business, or your best friend is been doing a side hustle that is very similar to what you want to do. And what comes of this is the knowledge that you do have support even though there may still be some naysayers at home.

As Monty Python would say, "And now for something completely different," in comes the sun to line up with Uranus in your house of associations on Friday, October 2. Take today and relax. Do things you find enjoyable, such as binge-watching TV you've seen before or playing Minecraft with your friends.

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