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Your sensitive, peace-loving nature is challenged this week. April 7 has Mars in Aquarius, in your house of resources from others, mingling with Uranus in Taurus in your house of friendships. Suddenly your most reliable, tried-and-true friends seem erratic. Hasty actions lead to errors in judgments or appointments are completely forgotten. Recognize this aspect is temporary. There are many distractions now and people around you feel stressed. By working together and discussing feelings you can find the support and caring to share and receive with your friends.

April 7 also has Mercury linking up with both Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in your house of relationships and partnerships. Mercury, the planet of communication and understanding, gives you an opportunity to express true feelings and to put them in a framework to improve your relationships. Here's a chance to hear what the other person thinks of you and to make your own views known.

And if all this wasn't enough, the full Libra falls on April 7, and lights up your house of home and family. You may see a connection between recent issues with friendships stemming back to your early childhood. You can follow the thread from an issue in the past to one in the present. Today you have the ability to make connections and gain new understanding about yourself. This empowers you to have better relationships. All this is predicated on the idea that you will give yourself time to make these connections. Don't rush through this process.

On April 8, the sun in Aries angles toward Venus in Gemini in your house of rest and recuperation. Besides all the emotional stuff earlier in the week, this is also a busy career week and now you need a break. Find a way to take at least a few hours for yourself, at perhaps the beach, a park or a comfy chair in the corner of your living room. Let go of emotions from the past. You've gained knowledge and understanding about relationships with the work you've done this week.

April 11 brings Mercury, now in Aries at the top of your chart, connecting with Saturn in Aquarius in your house of resources from others. This is a good day for getting back into the practical, mundane aspects of life. It's good to work on taxes, budgets, and to look more deeply at your investments. This aspect is good for precise thinking. Your reasoning is sound, and you can make good judgments especially in matters of finance.

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