Cancer Horoscope For Next Week

Cancer Horoscope Cancer Horoscope

This week your desk is piled high with tasks and your list of things to do is as long as a CVS register receipt! Other people may be feeling you have more time and energy than you actually do. See what you can delegate or eliminate.

The week begins on July 12 with Mercury moving forward in your sign of Cancer. A relationship question is answered in the affirmative. Some happy news comes your way— not just for your own relationship but for others, as well. This could be a load of worry off of your shoulders, as now you feel like you can focus on other things. In fact, this may lead to an announcement followed by a scheduled celebration.

On the same day, the bright shining sun in your sign of Cancer slides serenely into alignment with spiritual Neptune. Today, you could feel the presence of your guardian angel, their hand on your shoulder, their wings folding in around you. You're loved and protected. It's time to move forward on your spiritual path which includes potentially studying a spiritual topic, changing your educational focus, or finally sitting down and writing your book.

The week continues and on July 14 the sun pairs up with beneficial Jupiter in your house of partnerships. Today, reaching out to others can bring great benefits. You would do best to use this extraordinary energy to connect with influencers, mentors, or people you look up to. Send them compliments and tell them how they've touched your life. See if this starts a conversation.

On July 15, the sun moves forward to contend with serious Pluto. At the same time, Mars in Aries, at the top of your chart, pokes at unpredictable Uranus. Today, expect the unexpected. There could be technological delays, a printer out of ink, or your phone drops into a tidy bowl of water. It's good to focus on a goal despite obstacles and distractions. Today, look at where you're stuck and find another way to go.

The week comes to an end on July 18 with love-struck Venus crushing on reserved Saturn. If you are in a love relationship, recognize that your partner wants to have a serious discussion instead of binge-watching Netflix. Today, be your usual empathetic and aware self. Harmonize with the energies. Avoid going too far into indulgence or too far into solemnity.

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