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The moon, your sensitive leader, doesn’t have a lot of time for sentimentality when it’s new in businesslike Capricorn on January 2. This lunation tells you, “Hey, it’s a new year!” It’s time to leave your emotions behind and get busy with things on your mile-long to-do list. While it’s nice to get this lunar motivation right away, you aren’t now nor will you ever be ready to totally set your feelings aside.

Chatty Mercury is in offbeat Aquarius when it enters its first confusing retrograde cycle of the year on the fourteenth, which can affect a lot of the technology you’ve come to depend on heavily on a daily basis. Luckily, the Water Bearer’s revolutionary influence can help you come up with unusual ways to solve some of your tech troubles over the next couple weeks.

A full moon appears in your watery emotional sign on January 17, at the same time the sun is in strict earth sign Capricorn. With this universal balance in check, you’re able to bring to fruition some of the intentions you set during the new moon earlier in the month. Manifesting is real, and you’ll most likely have proof that it works after this lunation.

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