Cancer Horoscope For Last Week

Cancer Horoscope Cancer Horoscope

This week the energy is like standing at the seashore watching the waves come in, followed by the lull, and then the waves return. Cancer, you'll have some very busy days and some days where nothing seems to happen.

The week begins on Sunday, January 17, with Jupiter, in your house of resources from others, making a square to Uranus in Taurus, the sign of money. Something can occur, creating a change of fortune. You may receive a sudden windfall or have access to funds you didn't have before. This could cause you to want to throw off restrictions in your life and let go of limitations. But there is a risk today of biting off more than you can chew. And make a note, if this windfall is small (which it might be), it's a sign that you're not planting enough seeds for opportunity.

There's a pair of aspects on Wednesday, January 20, starting with Mars in Taurus conjunct that same Uranus in your house of the future. On the same day, Mercury, in your house of resources, makes a trine to the North Node in your house of spirituality. You could be susceptible to rash behavior today, even leading to an accident. It's like flying a kite in stormy weather, daring the lightning to strike because you're looking for change and excitement.

The other side of this energy today is Mercury, the thinking planet, is in harmony with your life path, the North Node. So, breaking free is wonderful if it leads you toward your goals. But tearing down the house just because it irritates you is not a good thing to do today.

Saturday, January 23, brings another pair of aspects. Mars in Taurus makes a square to expansive Jupiter. And the sun in Aquarius forms a conjunction with responsible Saturn. Now the energy is a little less erratic and much more focused on one direction. And if you incorporate the Saturn, not as a restriction or feeling overly burdened by responsibilities, but instead as the tool chest you can use to build something, you can make a lot of progress today. The most benefits come from taking what you're doing as an individual and finding your tribe, those people who will support and encourage you—the ones who push you onto your path. Playing your guitar in your basement is fine for practice, but now it's time to step onto the stage.

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