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Scorpio Horoscope Scorpio Horoscope

Get ready to do some difficult inner work under the new moon in your perceptive sign on November 4. What are the issues you’ve been pushing so far down that you might not even want to acknowledge them to yourself? Yup, those are the ones you’re going to want to focus on now.

Talkative Mercury also starts spending time in your elusive sign on the fifth, so while people are welcome to ask you questions, you might not answer them. Or you might be vague. Or passive-aggressive. Or sarcastic. You get the idea. Basically, you’re not going to talk about anything you don’t want to talk about!

Your aggressive ruler Mars is also partnered with your self-destructive sign during its square to stoic Saturn in airy Aquarius on November 10, which can create some very tense energy. If you’re having a hard time expressing yourself, just keep your thoughts to yourself for the time being. Making the wrong choices now can lead to some pretty unfortunate consequences.

A gentler Mars-Neptune water trine on the twenty-ninth helps end the month on a more positive note, especially if you’re willing to overlook some obvious red flags. You’ll address them at some point, but for now, you just want to pretend like everything is okay. Trust your instincts, but let your guard down long enough to relax too.

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