What is Ana Navarro’s Personality Type?

You are a theorist. You are interested in understanding the essential and universal. You are attracted to ideas that have the power to mobilize your emotions and bring you closer to your ideal. Your deep intuition is receptive to the sacred or holy. As a result, the ideal or cause you espouse will be related to the concept of universality or totality. Since your lifetime adventure is based in part on this absolute truth, it is important for you to make an effort to define its nature. What sort of universality are you striving for; what spiritual Everest (in yourself or outwardly) are you trying to scale? In fact, you tend to like mountain climbing, because of the effort it requires. It’s a great joy for you. Alone at the peak, you can contemplate and understand everything. In pursuit of this absolute center (positive or negative) which animates you, you are shrewd and persistent. Stamina and endurance are resources of which you are quite confident. Your existence and organism are arranged to optimize them; others may consider you slow, but you are really just playing it safe, because, unconsciously, you know time is on your side. When you take an initiative, it is after careful forethought and preparation. Your great composure, ability to resist and overcome obstacles and wickedness, and your foresight give you a great potential to accomplish total self-control. However, you must beware of one pitfall: excess. You tend to be a bit too rigid and intolerant; in intellectual pursuits, you can tend to be dogmatic, hermetic, or conformist. Some people criticize your obsession with labeling things. A creature of duty, naturally sober and relatively self-disciplined, sometimes a little too demanding of yourself, you might commit yourself to a productive lifestyle as readily as to a stoic philosophy. The path to liberty mapped by a respect for order is not the easiest to follow. Your introverted personality gives you an attitude of reserve. You appreciate solitude and do not always enjoy sharing your feelings. You avoid superficial human contact as much as possible. Indeed, you sometimes feels uncomfortable at long, drawn-out social occasions and activities, and your interest in others is aroused only when they discuss subjects of special concern to you, such as your own business. This cold exterior hides a lively sensitivity and a heart eager for passion. Quite sensitive and sometimes vulnerable to emotional urges, you would rather be safe than sorry. You tend to avoid casual dating and meaningless love affairs because they may destabilize you.

Due to the influence of the sign of Aries, Ana Navarro has an impulsive spirit. She bubbles with so much energy that vigorous exercise and activity are vital to her well being, both mental and physical. Because she is so forthright and outspoken, she sometimes offended other people with her lack of diplomacy. She has a taste for enterprise and initiative, which she applies to every sort of project. But she does not always finish what she starts due to her impatience, need for novelty, and urge to rush onward. A Libra partner would be best for her and would be of some help in moderating her impulsiveness.

Ana Navarro needs to attract admiration and release her excess energy.

Ana Navarro has a somewhat secretive personality; she is tempted if not compelled to live a somewhat withdrawn life.

Ana Navarro was born under the sign of Aries, during the time when the sun was passing through the sign of Capricorn. Her rising sign provided clues about her personality, including individualism, guile, vitality, and passion, as well as a need for security and continuity. However, certain contradictions in her character create tension–for instance, her impulsiveness and spontaneity, coupled with her need for stability, makes her prone to taking on too many responsibilities. She is also ambitious and persistent, and has a taste for leadership, which makes her apt to play an important role in society.

Ana Navarro was born on the third day before the full moon and is a “gibbous moon” lunar type, which means she has a rich and complex personality. She is often troubled by the feeling that she is struggling to do something great and may preoccupy herself with a spiritual or humanitarian cause until she finds a worthy one. Devotion will be important to her as a foundation for her inner and outer development. If she fails to find a great and noble cause to which she can pledge herself, she could make do with a person whose aura and magnetism attracts her.

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