What is Abdullah Abdullah’s Personality Type?

You have an ideal of which you are only partially conscious, but it has a great influence on your psychology. You are determined to preserve your integrity and purity. Even though you may not be aware of it, you are often preoccupied by this predicament. How can you live in this world and remain true to yourself? How can you succeed in life without sacrificing your ideals? It’s the eternal philosophical dilemma.

You have developed a solution, however; you elaborate a fairly strict code of behavior and try to obey it as much as possible. The path that you walk in life is straight and narrow. You yearn for a life that would reflect the ideal you have set for yourself, as free as possible from irrational mysteries and human failings. In fact, although you may sometimes seem a bit rigid, a bit lacking in perspective, it is because your mind understands the macrocosm through the microcosm, and you must observe the completed system before you will form your opinion. You are especially good at sorting and choosing, because your mind is like a filter. It rejects the impurities and only accepts the pure and useful. Analysis, deductive reasoning, and a sense of experimentation are your qualities. You possess great meticulousness and precision which make you a quick and efficient worker. However, you may rely too strongly on your analytical faculties, to the detriment of an overall perception of reality.

You like purity and therefore justice. Thus, you are sensitive to human suffering, especially as a result of social injustice, and you will try to remedy the situation according to what you have learned. Once again, the overriding themes of your personality emerge. You want to preserve an ideal, avoid deterioration, change, adulteration. You are offended by imperfection and try to find ways to correct it. You are eager to help, to be useful, to serve a great cause, but you sometimes do not know whom or what you seek to serve. Whatever purpose you adopt, you must learn to help without surrendering yourself entirely; you tend to try to disappear into the background of a hierarchy. You are sometimes attracted by readymade systems, which soothe a certain anxiety you have. You wouldn’t mind devoting yourself to a state, a big corporation, or a dogma. It would be reasonable and satisfying. But you sometimes forget to rebel a bit – to evaluate whether the end justifies the means. You are reassured by predictability. When you commit yourself, you want to know exactly where you are bound and how. This may

Abdullah Abdullah yearns for a purpose in life, even faraway or abstract.

Abdullah Abdullah has a strong personality; he is sometimes a little self-centered. His fate is in his own hands!

Abdullah Abdullah is a Sagittarius and the sun is passing through Virgo at the time of his birth. His rising sign was located in Sagittarius, and the various clues mentioned above provide his personality profile. The key words captured the essence of Abdullah Abdullah’s character and indicated certain contradictions which may be sources of tension. Abdullah Abdullah’s personality is a complex blend of opposing tendencies and contradictory drives. As a result, he is torn between his idealistic nature and sense of reality, trying to accomplish great ambitions, but at times undermined by a doubt in his abilities. Depending on the quality of his surroundings, he may either allow insecurities to submerge him, or, on the contrary, become excited about a plan that would boost his self-esteem – in which case he would make wonderful progress. Abdullah Abdullah is gifted with an inventive and industrious mind which is primed to understand and adapt. However, his thinking lacks some continuity, and, as a result, so do his actions. He’ll want to be aware of any monopolistic tendencies on the part of his intellect, and, conversely, any efforts by his associates to interfere with his lifestyle.

Abdullah Abdullah was born on the first day of the lunar month of Rabia al-Awal, in the year 1336 AH. He is a gibbous moon, a configuration of the moon which is said to give people a complex personality. Abdullah is often troubled by the feeling that he is struggling to do something great, but he finds inspiration in devotion to a noble cause. Whether he chooses to serve a cause or someone else, Abdullah’s goal is to become more himself.

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