Virgo Yearly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope Virgo Horoscope

Good news, Virgo! While some of the challenging astrological signatures you experienced in 2023 spill into 2024, the year ahead helps you rally more help from the universe! Relationships of all kinds continue to be your vehicle for self-knowledge and personal evolution, asking you to trust in the power of “connection” as you give birth to powerful alliances in almost every area of your life. The people you trust will be key when it comes to helping you battle the confusion that emanates from Neptune in Pisces. Since 2011, Neptune’s presence in your seventh house has sometimes become a confusing and rose-colored glasses type of energy for you. And as Neptune reaches the final degrees of Pisces in 2024, you could at times see what you want to see and not what is real. This vibe will be especially strong if you were born at the tail end of Virgo season, between September 15 and September 22. Lastly, the presence of the Lunar South Node in your second house of money requests that you be a bit more careful with money than you normally are. This prepares you for an unexpected expense that could arrive sometime this year, perhaps around the March 24 and September 17 full moon lunar eclipses.


Regardless of your status, you will experience considerable progress in your relationships in 2024. If you’re single and looking, there is a big chance you will initiate a strong and long-lasting commitment. Juno—the asteroid of fidelity and marriage—will be traveling in your sign for most of the year, instigating you to say “yes” more, and being more open to connecting at a deeper level. Under Juno’s relationship tutelage, the only trap to become aware of is entering relationships for the sole purpose of not wanting to be alone. If you’re already partnered, the Lunar North Node of Destiny in Aries will bring you closer to your darling, creating more space for true intimacy. This year, you might even decide to deeply merge your finances by buying property or even launch a joint side hustle that adds to your legacy.


The realm of career is where you’re bound to experience much gain this year. Everyone knows how committed and how much you work, Virgo—so in many ways, 2024 functions as a harvest year for you! Starting May 25, Jupiter begins gracing your tenth house of career and public visibility. Starting now and over the next twelve months, all eyes are on your capabilities, landing you a promotion or even a high-end position! Now, this doesn’t mean there won’t be change in your workplace. After all, transformative Pluto enters your sixth house of work, slowly but surely instigating a complete overhaul in your industry, for the next twenty years! What Pluto will do is expose any unhealthy habits that link your daily work habits to your health. In the end, what you’re being asked is to drop any type of obsessive behaviors (like perfectionism, for example), to begin working smarter and not harder.

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