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How long has it been since you said what you were really thinking, Virgo?! When your home planet Mercury enters “no holds barred” Aries on April 3, you’re ready to speak your mind. There’s no reason to hold back now, and you might not be able to if there were!

The seventeenth brings a Mercury-Pluto square that leads to some very deep thinking and intense personal interactions. You’re ready to get to the heart of it, whatever “it” is, and you can become fixated (sometimes in a negative way) on certain topics or people that interest you. When this aspect ends, you will probably feel like a different person.

Mercury partners with fellow earth sign Taurus on April 19, putting an emphasis on truth and what’s real. Your thinking is logical and practical, and you have little interest in talking about things that are out-there or clearly not true. What’s at the top of your to-do list? Making more to-do lists!

The twenty-fifth welcomes a Mercury-Venus conjunction that can help you express what’s in your heart. Does your pulse go up and do you get butterflies in your stomach when you’re about to talk to someone you really like or when you get a compliment from someone you’ve secretly been crushing on? You’re only human, and it’s okay to let that show once in a while!

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