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Your mentally agile leader Mercury is in grounded earth sign Capricorn on January 1, but late that night it switches gears and floats into airy Aquarius, helping you take a more reserved and emotionally distanced perspective on personal issues. It’s much easier to solve problems with your head rather than your heart for the coming week, Virgo.

Mercury moves into its first retrograde period of the year on the fourteenth, which as you know by now can throw a lot of things out of whack. The good thing is that while Mercury is accompanied by innovative Aquarius, there are a lot of unconventional ways to solve your Mercury retrograde problems. Being creative is highly encouraged.

The sun also partners with eccentric Aquarius on January 19, infusing your life with some whimsical yet intelligent insights for the coming month. Speaking up unexpectedly and totally off topic in a work meeting might get you some odd looks, but your ideas have real value. Get them in front of the right person and you will be rewarded, if not now, in the future.

Your ideas turn more conventional when Mercury retrograde leaves Aquarius to return to centered Capricorn on the twenty-fifth, giving you added focus and efficiency. While your ideas aren’t as original as they have been in the past few weeks, they are every bit as valuable.

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