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Taurus Horoscope Taurus Horoscope

Welcome to an exhilarating year, Taurus! The immense effort you’ve been putting into embracing change could actually bring you gains this year. Since 2018, the planet of genius, Uranus, has been asking you to unroot from the past so you can take bigger risks. And when Jupiter magnifies Uranian presence in your sign between mid-March to mid-May (exact on April 20), you could receive a big price in the form of a windfall, a promotion, or huge business financial gains! Later on, Jupiter enters your second house of money on May 25, to kick off a whole year of financial expansion for you! Do expect to have some setbacks, however, around the Fall and Winter, which is when Jupiter squares Saturn. Around August 19 and December 24, be very careful with your investments as well as who you lend your money to—it’s all about timing! As you can see, 2024 feels like a harvesting year in which you get to collect all the goodies from the work done in the previous year. Keep embracing change and taking risks—and especially, keep opening your mind to new and exciting colors, people, places, and vistas!


You’ve changed quite a bit in the past few years, which is a trend that will continue! If you’re partnered, it's crucial that you keep your relationship interesting by constantly breaking your dating routine. By doing this, you let your partner in on all the excitement that is taking place in your life. If you share abode with your darling, the retrograde of Mars that begins on December 6 makes the last days of November a bit heavy at home. Pick your battles, Taurus! If you’re flying solo, you might decide to stay single. The disruptive energy of Uranus might drive you to change your mind almost on a daily basis—and that’s okay! If you do decide to test the dating pool waters, your best periods for romance arrive between April 29 and May 22, and from September 21 to October 16. These weeks bring the goddess-like energy of Venus, reminding you that pleasure is a necessity for you!


As a hard-working sign, you never hide from effort—however, you must become aware of an incredibly important transit that begins this year. Pluto—the planet of power and transformation—enters your career sector, where it will remain for the next twenty years! You are about to begin witnessing a whole new level of ambition emanate from your psyche, as Pluto won’t allow you to play it small! Since Pluto is entering Aquarius, which rules activism and community work, you would do well to get on this wagon early. In fact, the February 9 new moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to figure out what truly matters to you, and how can you begin making an impact! As an earth sign, you might decide to invest your effort in environmental causes.

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