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Taurus Horoscope Taurus Horoscope

This week, the approaching full moon in Libra signals the need to take care of your health and well-being. Give yourself time for extra rest. Have a pajama day where you stay home and give your mind and body a break.

April 7 brings Mars in Aquarius meeting with Uranus in Taurus in your house of confidence. You may feel a desire for freedom today, wanting to ditch all your obligations. This could include wanting to quit your job and start your own business—maybe building websites, selling solar panels or running a humanitarian organization. Or you may have thoughts of doing something even more radical like joining the Peace Corps. And while this aspect is temporary, these thoughts are signs from your higher self that you want a change. Perhaps you won't quit your job today, instead, you may spend a little time exploring how you can use your skillset to do something more enjoyable. Today a seed is planted.

On the same day, Mercury meets with both Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn in your house of knowledge. This is a strong spiritual aspect where you can collect information from the Universe. Ask a question—the right question—and the answer will appear. A good question might be, "How can I make more money by working fewer hours and feel truly fulfilled in my job?" Keep your mind and heart open for the signs and answers the Universe brings.

April 7 also brings the full moon in Libra, activating your house of daily routines and habits. You are what you do. You are the sum of your daily actions. Under the light of this full moon, it's easy to recognize how you can make small changes to create big results. Writing a bit every day will eventually produce a book. Working for half an hour every day on your business can help you build a company. Doing a single yoga pose every morning will increase your flexibility. Embrace mini habits for creating big change.

April 11 brings Mercury into the sign of Aries and your house of intuitive ability. It's meeting with Saturn at the top of your chart. Your intuition is strong today. Quiet time spent in meditation can bring insights and you can solve issues that have plagued you for some time. This energy is good for ritual either magical or religious. Light candles, say prayers, and allow yourself to connect with the powers that be.

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