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Pisces Horoscope Pisces Horoscope

In 2024, you’re onto something big, Pisces! Since early March of 2023, master teacher Saturn entered your sign, initiating you into a rite of passage that only occurs once every thirty years. When Saturn is in your sign, reality checks in the form of endings, effort, and hard work are the norm. However, when this transit is finished, you will be left with something meaningful that lasts the test of time. The key is to get and stay clear on your goals instead of running around in circles. For this reason, working with a coach, healer, or therapist can do wonders for you now. Mark the September 17 full moon lunar eclipse in your sign as a major happening in your life, when you could get a new job, become a parent, or elevate your overall career status. Within this long process of “adulting,” the universe makes it clear that your spiritual practice needs to be deepened as two major planetary forces—Neptune and Pluto—invite you to unplug from society’s matrix and truly begin trusting your magic. In 2024, meditation, visualization, and reciting positive mantras dissolve the confusion that at times might plague your mind.


If you’re single and looking, there is a huge chance that you will end this year committed to someone. Juno—the asteroid of commitment and fidelity—spends almost all year in your relationship sector, instigating connections of the serious kind! The one thing to keep in mind under this influence, however, is the desire to enter a relationship just for the sake of being in one. After all, the overall vibe of 2024 is about staying focused on your personal goals. If you’re dating someone already, this might not be the best year of all to deepen your relationship. Instead, this year’s vibe is primed for redrawing the boundaries of your commitment so the relationship can support your personal growth. If you notice that a lot of your energy goes into your romantic relationship, you might be the one to call it quits.


You are a creature who embraces change—and in 2024, you might decide to change jobs or careers altogether! If your job doesn’t have flexibility or a creative component, you could take a big leap of faith and either go back to school or launch your own business. Your traditional planetary ruler, Jupiter, enters Gemini on May 25, which could possibly initiate you on a communication-related project or position for the next twelve months. Regardless of what you decide to do this year career-wise, it’s always good to keep aware of the last retrograde of Mercury, which will bring a period of revision at the end of the year. From November 25 to December 15, Mercury goes retrograde in your career sector, bringing the need to completely rethink how your goals and overall place in society!

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