Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope Pisces Horoscope

A message comes out of the blue and maybe the highlight of the week, Pisces. You could be reconnecting with a long-lost friend.

The week begins on Monday, September 21, with Mercury, in your house of resources from others, skating into Pluto, in your house of the future. Today, you can see through obfuscation, untangle difficult concepts, and elegantly come to a negotiated conclusion. This energy facilitates getting good mortgage rates or securing funding for a business. Additionally, you can find a good instructor if you dream of day trading.

The sun goes into Libra on September 22, lighting up your house of intimacy. At the same time, Venus, the planet of love, travels to meet Jupiter, in your house of friendships. Today, a friendship could become quite a bit more interesting. This person may have been on your mind for some time and now they are possibly available for a relationship. Time to express some wishes.

The week continues and on Wednesday, September 23, Mercury in Libra scales the wall that is Saturn in Capricorn. While you may have been tripped up by some recent criticism, today you can recognize how far you've come. You have achieved many things in your life, and you've gained much experience. Even with the occasional stumble, you have picked yourself up and gone on. You can look at critiques objectively, incorporating the helpful information and discarding the rest. Pisces native, you've come a long way.

September 24 has that same Mercury nosediving into Mars in Aries in your house of money. Today, go after the money, get the sale, get the signature on the contract. If you own a business, consider phoning up clients and asking for referrals. If you work for a company, there may be possibilities to shift positions and get a salary increase in the future. Check for openings within the company.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, September 26, with Venus, in your house of work and routines, challenging Pluto in your house of the future. Today you are tempted to ignore all your good habits, including tossing your healthy eating plan out the window. You have a desire to indulge, which is fine but do it mindfully. If you're going to eat an entire container of ice cream, taste every bite and really enjoy the experience. This goes for the other physical, tactile experiences you crave today. Be in your body and enjoy the sensations.

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