Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope Cancer Horoscope

You will most likely love what 2024 has in store for you, dear Crab. While the beginning of the year (especially early Spring) will be socially busy for you, the vibe changes as soon as May 25 arrives! Today, mighty Jupiter—the planet of abundance and expansion—enters your spirituality sector, where it will stay for one year. You might become infatuated with a new spiritual practice, which will serve as an energetic preparation for 2025, which is when Jupiter enters your sign. This Jupiter transit is about rekindling your trust in the natural laws of the universe, as well as receiving the opportunity to spend more time alone as your inner world thrives—so lucky you! Since your sign is ruled by the moon, you might begin ritualistic practices that honor the moon’s journey through the sky. You will notice that eclipses, which are super-charged and the most powerful lunar events, will affect your mood as well as your powers of manifestation. In 2024, eclipses will occur on May 24, April 8, September 17, and October 2. Save these dates on your calendar to clear your schedule, as you will most likely need more time to rest and practice self-care around this time.


When it comes to romance, you’re going deeper than ever before! Pluto—the planet of transformation and sex—enters your intimacy sector, where it will stay for the next twenty years. Single or partnered, your sexuality will get a boost as powerful feelings and new perspectives around intimacy are born. If you’re committed, Pluto’s non-nonsense influence could inspire you to get even closer—or wide apart, all depending on the level of true intimacy you can reach. If you’re single, you will become pickier, as surface-level connections become less and less attractive to you. You want the real thing, as you’re one to play for keeps! Your best times of the year for love come between January 23 and February 15, and then again from June 16 to July 10. Beginning a new relationship or a new phase in an existing one could happen around the July 5 and December 30 new moons.


Being one of the most tenacious signs, you tend to do well in the field of career—and 2024 won’t be an exception. With the Lunar North Node in Aries, you have the wind at your back when it comes to not only doing well at your job, but also making your mark in the world! If you’re happy with your job, your success from 2023 will continue. If you are not, expect a complete redirection in the first quarter of the year, when the Lunar North Node activates Chiron in Aries. Luckily, Jupiter will still be in your eleventh house of community and collaborations, meaning that you will have the support of peers and collaborators to land your perfect position! Regardless, add the days between May 22 and June 5 to your calendar, when intense behaviors at work require you to take a couple of days off so you can decompress.

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