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Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope

As the sign ruled by the bold, fiery sun, it’s no surprise that you love to be in the spotlight and soak up any rays of success that shine on you. And with this cosmic fireball lighting up your zone of taking pride in your work to start the year, Leo, your ability to focus on key details should bring positive attention your way. Your organizational skills are also topnotch now, which helps you sort through and discard items that are no longer needed. Reduce, reuse and recycle! Hardworking, serious Saturn will start the year in your house of partnerships, which can bring its share of both challenges and opportunities for growth. As the ties that bind you to a significant person in your life are tested, it can bring out deep insecurities about yourself, the other person and your relationship. In early March, Saturn shifts into your regeneration zone, indicating a transformation or breakthrough is on its way. Any difficulties you experience now are likely to be deeply intimate and personal. All things shallow or trivial are ignored while you focus on the important stuff. Your favorite time of year always comes between late July and late August, because that means you’ll be celebrating your birthday soon. Always the festive life of the party, your outgoing, playful mood makes everyone smile and want to be around you. That trademark Leo charm is in full effect this month, and you’re never happier than when you can express who you truly are and have friends and loved ones not only accept you but celebrate you for it.


Have you been disappointed by love lately? Or are you simply disappointed by the fact that you’ve been putting yourself out there but are still single? Well, Leo, the upbeat, communicative combination of Mars in your networking and socializing zone from the start of the year until late  March reminds you how important it is to get out there and stay socially active despite your reservations. And here’s the thing: this cosmic partnership promotes making platonic connections too, so there really isn’t any pressure to meet your soulmate. Just keep mingling and seeing what’s out there. And if it turns into something more, that’s great. If you’re anxious to meet new romantic prospects, however, you’ll want to pay attention to the new moon in your outgoing sign in the middle of August. This loud, fiery lunation puts you in the spotlight and helps you really express yourself. Your charm and confidence are an unbeatable combo, and when you also aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, you can’t help but attract some extremely hopeful romantic prospects. Deep down, you know you’re worth more than you’ve gotten out of love in the past, and this realization can put you on the path to a much happier love life than you’ve had so far this year. And don’t ignore the fun, playful and flirty energy that works in your favor as the sun visits your pleasure zone from late November to late December! Get creative and take risks when it comes to finding love. Where is the likeliest place for you to meet someone new during this outgoing transit? A holiday party or an event centered around kids, perhaps a school play or sporting event.


You’re one of the flashier signs, Leo, and you don’t hesitate to let the world know that yeah, you love you some money! It not only affords you the bling that you want, but it also helps you stay up on current trends and make that amazing, all-important first impression. And with ever-changing Uranus still traveling with steady earth sign Taurus and your career zone this year, you’ll succeed by following a very unique and niche career path. This is a signal for you to carve out your own space in the world because positive things (like more money—ka-ching!) are linked to your unique talents, skills and abilities. Jupiter, the planet of luck, will be spending time in your house of travel and expansion until mid-May, so in the first part of the year some major lucky opportunities come from keeping an open mind. Going to different places and experiencing different cultures can really open your eyes to new ideas for making money, and taking a chance on things you learn during this transit leads to some very interesting and lucrative lucky breaks. Venus, the goddess of money, is partnered with diplomatic Libra and your third house of communication in the middle of November, giving you some extreme powers of negotiation and persuasion! The phrase “you could sell milk to a cow” is very fitting now, and if you’re in sales of any kind, this could be your biggest time of year. Your excellent communication skills combined with your natural sense of charisma help you pitch your business ideas or talk clients into buying things that net you some pretty nice commissions.

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