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Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope

The sun, your guiding light, is in action-packed Aries to start the month, ensuring that you’ll be one of the first to take the ball and run with it. You’re excellent at initiating projects, but you might not be all that great with the follow-through. Having a step-by-step plan of action works best, but you can also probably leave the details to someone else and have it turn out perfectly fine.

The ninth brings a confusing Mars-Neptune square that is accompanied by low energy and maybe even lies, deceit, or scandal. This negative energy can be uncomfortable at least and almost debilitating at worst. Try to surround yourself with close friends you know you can trust now, and don’t let paranoia get the best of you.

The sun enters earth sign Taurus on April 19, welcoming in more rational thinking and helping you to appreciate the good things in life. While you sometimes admittedly get a little dramatic about how life has done you wrong, you’re now able to see how good you truly have it. Take delight in finding pleasure in simplicity, Leo.

The thirtieth brings a sun-Uranus conjunction that can lead to some very unexpected but welcome changes. As a spontaneous fire sign, you don’t mind a little bit of drama and intrigue, and this aspect offers all that and more. Breaking free from your dull routine is truly liberating.

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