Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope

Don’t be afraid to celebrate your successes this month, dear Leo, as the sun continues its journey through your sign. This luminary placement encourages you to connect with your sense of pride, though you’ll need to be mindful that you’re not abandoning grace in the process. Refining your image will also feel like a priority as another candle on your birthday cake reminds you of the importance of personal evolution. Just remember to give yourself credit for how far you’ve come, especially when the sun connects with Chiron on August 8.

You’ll feel the love beginning when sweet Venus moves into your sign on the eleventh, bringing glamor and magnetism to your aura. These sentiments will feel particularly intense as the Aquarius full moon manifests later in the evening, activating the sector of your chart that governs romantic relationships. This is the perfect time to listen to what your heart truly wants, letting go of any people or habits that have been holding you back from the life you deserve.

Virgo season manifests on August 22, bringing your focus to financial security and the material realm. Use this cosmic climate to review your monthly spending habits with the specific intention of paying off debts and saving for the future. Just don’t feel like you have to give up on all your favorite things in order to pad your savings account. A taste for the finer things in life will come into play, inspiring you to embrace a bit of luxury. Be mindful not to go overboard with your spending and you should be able to get away with a few extravagances.

Standout days: 1, 3, 18
Challenging days: 8, 10, 14

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