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Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope

Leo native, this week spontaneous energy rules. You might feel like leaping up and giving chase when you see that delectable antelope bounding through the tall grass. When opportunity presents itself, it's good to take action.

The week begins on Sunday, January 17, with a Super Bowl-level aspect. Jupiter in Aquarius makes a square to Uranus at the top of your chart. Today, you could have an overwhelming desire to break out of a limiting relationship. You're impulsive and want to live free, perhaps free of all the trappings of society, like in the woods with bears. And if you can focus this erratic energy on a single goal, you could take some gigantic steps today. But this energy doesn't like to plan, so recognize your roaring may disturb the neighbors.

Wednesday, January 20, brings a pair of aspects starting with Mars in Taurus, in your house of career, in conjunction with that same impulsive Uranus. On the same day, thoughtful Mercury makes a trine to the North Node. Now your desire for freedom and autonomy focuses in on your career and how much you either don't like your boss or don't like the rules of the company. Like a pacing lion trapped in a cage, you're looking for any opportunity to escape. If this has been building for a while, you may want to stop waiting, post your resume, or get your business off the ground. But these feelings could also be an impulsive whim, and you don't necessarily want to bite the hand that feeds you.

Another pair of aspects comes in on Saturday, January 23, with that same Mars now making a square to Jupiter in your house of partnerships. And on the same day, the brilliant sun lights up responsible Saturn. After a week of wanting to strike out on your own and leave society behind, you may realize today that community holds the key to your freedom. Surrounding yourself with supportive people can lift you to a new level. Jupiter can expand the number of people in your life from close friends to lifelong fans. Saturn is the planet that says it's time to put them on the newsletter list. Saturn asked you to lift a burden of responsibilities onto your shoulders as you trudge up the mountain. And this effort brings self-respect and a feeling that you have personally achieved something. This is the very essence of success.

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