Pisces Horoscope For Next Week

Pisces Horoscope Pisces Horoscope

This week the focus is on money and putting your finances in order. You might be counting up your revenue, placing dollars in the proverbial envelopes for your budget. It's possible you are finishing up taxes, as well.

The week begins on July 12 with Mercury now moving forward in your house of children and creativity. Fertility energy will be growing over the next week or two. If you are looking to expand the family, now is a good time for action. If you already have children, they may be needing more attention—especially if they're cooped up in the house and have been for some time. Do creative projects together. Consider building something outside or camp overnight in the yard.

At the same time, the sun, also in your house of children and creativity, aligns with Neptune in your own sign of Pisces. There is a part of you that wants to have fun like a kid. You have been working hard and it's time to cut loose a little bit. There still may be limitations of what you can do and where you can go, but within your mind, you can travel anywhere. Visualize the possibilities and let the Universe take care of the details.

The week continues and on July 14 the sun sends its compliments to exuberant Jupiter in your house of friendships. You may receive loving messages from friends around this time. And realize how your circle of friends has grown. People recognize what an asset you are to the group.

July 15 has the sun trying to balance its energies with tenacious, inflexible Pluto. Additionally, Mars has a small skirmish with Uranus, the planet of technology. Today, something may get broken. This could be due to frustration you're feeling, or it was an accident. This is now an inconvenient obstacle in your path. The Universe is bringing you a lesson. Perhaps you need to recognize that it doesn't help to rush from thing to thing.

The week comes to an end on July 18 with Venus, in your house of home and family, getting an education from Saturn, in your house of friendships. Today, you can feel great love for your friends and family with an understanding of the sacrifices everyone has been making. You send a blessing by showing others respect and admiration for what you've all been through. This will deepen your most important relationships.

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