Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Horoscope Libra Horoscope

Changes in how you communicate are in the spotlight this week. You may have found yourself going round and round having the same argument (or "discussion" as Libras might say). Time to change things up.

On June 1, the sun in Gemini, in your house of education, challenges Jupiter in Capricorn in your house of upbringing. Tradition clashes with new knowledge as you trying to break free of a family pattern. Doing things differently now not only helps you grow spiritually, but you will find it an easier road to success.

Venus in Gemini, in your house of ideas, feels some friction from Mars in Pisces in your house of routines on June 2. This is similar energy from the day before except the focus shifts away from family traditions and moves to your habits. It's time to look at new, fresh ideas. Go on YouTube and find other ways people do what you do. There are probably 1,000 ways to clean a house, ways to get healthy, and ways to find additional income sources. Time to do some exploring.

June 3 has the sun continuing its journey in Gemini and reaching the point of synthesis with Venus. Take the day off. Time to indulge in your favorite things whether that be binge-watching an old TV show, diving into a box of chocolates or spending time in nature. This planetary combination harmonizes with your own Libra energy. For today, allow yourself what you would willingly give your friends and family. Treat yourself with as much loving kindness as you would a close friend or treasured pet.

The lunar eclipse is on June 5 at 15° of Sagittarius in your house of thinking process. Eclipses are a big deal as they bring change. This particular eclipse is suggesting you be aware of the story you tell yourself. Your narrative describes how you approach everything in your life. It's time to rewrite your story going chapter by chapter.

The week comes to a close on June 6 with the sun now grappling with Mars in diaphanous Pisces. Today as you focus on shifting routines and habits, it's like trying to wrestle a ghost. The energy of Pisces has no boundaries and when matched with pugilistic Mars you can feel like you are boxing air. Mindfulness is key or else you'll find yourself back into an old habit before you realize it. What's important today is awareness.

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