Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Horoscope Libra Horoscope

You could be more than usually generous this week. Everybody seems to need you and your pocketbook. This may feel out of balance at the moment, but the scales will realign in a week or two.

The week begins on August 2 with the sun in Leo entering a window of opportunity with Uranus, the planet of sudden changes. An application for a new job done online today could bring success over the next few weeks. For those Libras who own a business, this is a great day to announce when your prices will be going up.

August 3 has the full moon in harmonious Aquarius lighting up your area of romance and fertility. At the same time, Mercury throws his hat in the ring with uncooperative Saturn in your house of family. Today, you may be discussing future plans for your relationship or expanding your household with your family. This will most likely bring some mixed reactions. Use this as a time to inform rather than to persuade. Then move forward with your life.

August 4 has Mars, in your house of relationships, focusing on a course of action with Jupiter, in your house of home. Libras who are dating, maybe entering into a phase of changing the living arrangements. It's good to sit down with your sweetheart and discuss how household duties and financial responsibilities will be divided out. Look to make an equitable division that will lead to success in this relationship. If you already live together, it's time to sit down and hash this out even if you feel there won't be unilateral agreement. Libra needs balance and with balance comes harmony.

August 7 has charismatic Venus at the top of your chart. At the same time, communicative Mercury complements Neptune in your house of work. Today, you may receive some recognition from a supervisor or a great review from a customer. Relish the joy of others recognizing your talents and dedication to the job. For those Libras who are looking for work, this is a great day to update your resume and send it out to the world. After posting your resume, print out a copy for yourself. Take a sharpie in a happy color and draw smiley faces all over the resume. Then posted it on your bathroom mirror where you will see it every day. Happy news will be coming soon.

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