Libra Horoscope For Last Week

Libra Horoscope Libra Horoscope

Life may feel a little out of balance this week. You have the gift of noticing when things feel out of harmony. This indicates where changes need to happen.

The week begins on July 27 with Mars in Aries, in your house of relationships, in a sparring match with Mercury at the top of your chart. At the same time, Jupiter at the base of your chart blissfully gazes upon Neptune, the planet of spirituality. While you would prefer to live in harmony and peace, people around you seem to have other ideas. Their issues that may intrude on your day. There could be some conflict at work perhaps not directly related to you, but you're pulled in to see if you will take a side. At this time, it's best to remain impartial and stand aside to observe the goings-on from a neutral vantage point.

The week continues and, on July 30, the planet Mercury sits at the top of the world and shouts down to Jupiter. This is a great aspect for being seen. Today's a good day to post to your blog, launch your website, or publish your book. Reach out today to contact agents or managers for your garage band or your screenplay idea. Think big and aim high. This aspect will not form again until August 2021, so don't waste it. Reach out and contact influential people now.

July 31 has the sun in an awkward arrangement with your planetary ruler Venus. This could be accompanied by a general sense of uneasiness. Your intuition says you need to guard your time and reserve it for your most important projects. It would be good to have a clear idea of your goals for the next month, as well as the rest of the year. That way when someone tries to guilt you into being in charge of the fundraiser or pushing you to volunteer to lead a difficult project, you'll be ready with a firm "no" and the reasons why.

The week comes to a close on August 1 and motion-loving Mercury runs headfirst into immovable Pluto. Something is in your way. You seem blocked from taking the action you want to take. This is not necessarily a person but more likely some fear or incident you had in childhood. What looks like another person in your way is in actuality you blocking yourself. Free yourself and you can move forward at lightning speed.

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