Libra Horoscope For Last Week

Libra Horoscope Libra Horoscope

Libra native, you're magically creative this week. Your daydreams are starting to take shape in the real world.

The week begins on October 18 with the sun, in your own sign of Libra (happy birthday!), running headlong into Saturn, the planet of "no." Today, people may stand in your way. This doesn't mean you have to abide by their decision. However, these blocks may be a sign you're going in the wrong direction. It's good to pause for a moment to review your thinking.

On the same day, Venus, in your house of intuition, entices Neptune in Pisces. This is a dreamers’ aspect, where you can receive messages from the great beyond. This energy is juxtaposed with the very practical sun/Saturn aspect to remind you that it's important to dream and to have a plan. Because dreaming without a plan is just a fantasy.

On October 19, Mars, in your house of relationships, aids and abets Jupiter in your house of home. Today's a good day to consider moving in with someone or having them move in with you. This could be a love relationship or roommate situation. This energy is good for opening up part of your house as an Airbnb.

The week continues and on October 21, Venus, in your house of spirituality, is in an amicable alignment with Pluto at the base of your chart. Today, you can have an epiphany about your significant other or the relationship with a certain family member. Suddenly you understand the situation and you see their motivations. Today you see the truth about things.

On October 23, Mercury, in your house of money, attempts to butter up Chiron in your house of relationships. Today, you could have a disagreement about a financial matter. It comes to light that money has been spent. It is possible you have a different risk tolerance or different spending patterns than your partner or other members of the household. This is going to take some talking to smooth things out.

The week comes to an end and on Saturday, October 24, Venus, in your house of rest and recuperation, takes a long slow breath with Saturn in your house of home. You could be quite tired today, needing extra rest and some time to shut your brain off. If you're going to do tasks, look for things that allow you to reduce clutter, discard useless objects, or just do some light bookkeeping.

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