Libra Horoscope For Next Week

Libra Horoscope Libra Horoscope

Everyone around you seems to have so much energy and they are encouraging you to move forward on several fronts. They are circling you like kindergartners on sugar. It's a little exhausting.

The week begins on July 12 with Mercury at the top of your chart finally moving forward. Now your supervisor keeps his or her promise and positive energy pours into your career. A promotion you are looking for, interview for a new job, or a potential transfer now can go through. Stay in touch with the principals who are involved in this decision and even consider pinging them during the week.

On the same day, the sun in Cancer merges with blissful Neptune. This is a good day to walk in nature, to sit by a body of water, and to watch the ripples made by the wind. Notice those tiny little bugs that walk on water. It's a reminder of the magic and wonder that is in the Universe and how your wishes can manifest.

On July 14 the sun reaches out and kisses Jupiter on both cheeks. You feel optimistic about the future and you're ready to make commitments. Luck is with you and so it is okay to take a big leap to see how much you are capable of doing. Today, step outside your comfort zone and say "yes" to doing something really extraordinary.

The week continues, and on July 15 Pluto takes aim at the sun—there may be an intense encounter with someone in the family. There's been a recent breakdown in communication leading to a misunderstanding and now someone is making some sweeping generalities about what has occurred. But you have more power in this situation than you might realize. Don't fall into an old trap of feeling young and powerless. You have grown considerably over this last year.

Also, on July 15, Mars in your house of relationships bumps up against Uranus in your house of sex. A sudden, surprising encounter could lead you right to the bedroom. You may want to pause before you jump in the sack.

The week comes to an end on July 18 with disapproving Saturn interfering in your fun. You may have had plans for Saturday with no obligations or work of any kind. But this is unlikely to happen with this aspect. Especially as your partner may be suggesting it's time to clean up the garage—or a sudden call from your boss has you logging back in.

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