Leo Horoscope For Next Week

Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope

Some overdue career recognition comes your way this week, Leo. Leo natives finally receive some of the accolades that should have come months ago.

The week begins on Sunday, October 4, with success-oriented Pluto turning direct and now moving forward through your house of work and daily routines. Pluto is a slow-moving force that over several years creates a transformation in some area of your life. For Leo natives, as you incrementally shift behaviors toward success, you build capital for greater and greater opportunities. Today is a good day to look at what you're doing and improve something in your life even by a small percentage.

On October 5, Venus, in your house of money, roughhouses with Jupiter in Capricorn. Today, there is an opportunity for a windfall from a surprising source. This is a good day to let go of inhibitions about asking for help whether that help is material, intellectual, or financial. You can apply for loans, grants, or find an influential person who will assist you.

The week continues and on Wednesday, October 7, Mercury, in your house of dwellings, sails into Uranus, the planet of change. You may stumble upon an interesting job opportunity that would require a move. Or you may find your current dwelling could be a moneymaking opportunity by renting out some of the space or starting a business at home (check with your tax professional to find out what part of your home expenses might be deductible). Today is about doing something different and creating potential sources of revenue.

Then on October 9, Mars in Aries, at the top of your chart, blasts Pluto in your house of well-being. This is a high-energy/high ambition aspect and is great for physical activities. Today, you might join a martial arts class or cycle farther than you've ever ridden before. It might be time to outfit part of your garage with a home gym including the bow flex you've always wanted. Bold Leo natives might consider doing yoga on the balcony.

The week comes to an end on October 10 with expressive Venus giving Uranus in Taurus a gentle caress. You're quite noticeable today and your charisma is strong. You are able to connect with people through your smile and a few well-chosen words. This is a good day to express your deep feelings by telling someone how you feel and having them melt into your arms.

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