Leo Horoscope For Next Week

Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope

This week you have a burst of energy which coincides with either applications or paperwork to complete. The timing is perfect for increased productivity.

The week begins on July 12 with Mercury turning direct and moving forward again. Leos start sleeping better and waking up more rested. You may find that changes you have done to your diet and/or exercise plan are really helping. You could feel better in the mornings.

On the same day, the sun, in your house of hidden talents, moves into alignment with Neptune, in the house of mysteries and magic. Leos are fire signs and so if you're planning a BBQ or sitting by the patio fire pit why not combine a little bit of mysticism. Take a handful of herbs for clearing energy such as Sage, Rosemary, or lavender and toss them into the fire. As you do ask a question. Then stare into the fire and the Universe will provide the answer.

The week continues and on July 14 the sun links up with Jupiter across your chart, activating your house of work. An opportunity for a new job or promotion may land in your lap. This could be connected to a colleague who has moved on to another position. Now you have just a little time to decide whether this is a good direction to go. Hint, forward movement probably would be best.

July 15 brings the sun's energy to consolidate with Pluto's intensity in your house of habits and routines. Pluto is the planet of transformation and you would do well to consider a change in how you do things. This might involve health routines like going to the gym or adding vegetables to your dinner plate. You may change how you keep house and finish much-needed repairs. On the same day, Mars in Aries pushes up against Uranus in Taurus. Enlist your friends to help you make positive changes in your life. You can be accountable to them by posting those resolutions on Facebook or betting some money with a friend that you can stay on track.

The week comes to an end on July 18 with stern Saturn cornering Venus the planet that wants to be gratified. Venus won't be held back, and neither will you. You're ready to party or at least to sit on the sofa with fresh popped popcorn and bingewatch a great TV show. Your list of things to do can wait till tomorrow.

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