Gemini Horoscope For Next Week

Gemini Horoscope Gemini Horoscope

You could be bouncing off the walls with so much energy this week. Gemini native, by week's end, you could be completely off the map.

The week begins on Monday, February 1, with the sun in Aquarius, in your house of adventure, making a square to energetic Mars in Taurus rising in your chart. It's time to think bigger. Whether you want to go back to school or you want to backpack through India, this is a good day to write out the actions necessary to move forward on your goal. Today you have strength of will, quick perception, and probably irritable impatience. Don't accept that what you want is out of your reach. Put on your hiking shoes and start climbing the mountain.

The week continues, and on Thursday, February 4, Venus in Aquarius makes a semi-square to Neptune in Pisces. This energy is like finding the perfect outfit but not in your size. Disappointment is just the Universe suggesting you make a course adjustment. The road to what you want is not a quick one. A four-year degree takes four years of hard work. Planning a trip up Mount Everest takes a lot of planning. Today, you don't feel like doing this, but don't compromise on your goal just because you're having an off day.

Venus moves to conjunct Saturn on Friday, February 5, and today, you have a sudden realization of how much work is involved in your project. Maybe you are preparing an application for college, and you hit that essay portion. Or perhaps you're looking at travel restrictions to all the places you want to go (though there are 195 countries in the world, so there are other options). The best use of this aspect is to shut off distractions, turn off notifications, and do your homework. Slog through it line by line, step-by-step until it's done.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, February 6, with a pair of aspects starting with the sun making a trine to the North Node in your own sign of Gemini. On the same day, Venus makes a square to quirky Uranus. Today there is a breakthrough. Your angels have spoken, and you see there's a different way of doing things. Perhaps an accelerated program through Google is enough education to get what you want. Or perhaps getting a job in a different country will clear any travel hurdles. Today, you think out-of-the-box.

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