Gemini Horoscope For Next Week

Gemini Horoscope Gemini Horoscope

The week begins on Sunday, October 4, with Pluto in your house of gains and resources turning and moving forward again. Pluto has been slowly revealing opportunities for you to take control of passive income sources. But sometimes these topics—such as investing in the stock market, commodities trading, or 401(k) options—can feel overwhelming. But Pluto allows you to chip off a small piece to nibble on until that concept is understood and becomes part of you. Now as Pluto moves forward, you may find renewed ambition toward creating systems to help you bring in more money, help, and resources.

The week continues and on Monday, October 5, Venus, in your house of home and family, vexes Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn. Yesterday, you may have been resolute about saving money and getting out of debt, but today the desire to go shopping is strong. Gemini native, you are very creative and have a quick mind. You could find free or low-cost solutions for the things you're thinking of acquiring. Before giving into temptation today, look for substitutes for what you're lacking at home.

Toward the middle of the week on October 7, Mercury, your planetary ruler stares across the chart at Uranus in your house of new ideas. You may search through YouTube or other platforms and find creative things you can do to solve a myriad of problems. Of course, there's an endless amount of YouTube videos and this could take up much of your free time today. Limit yourself to solving a few specific questions and you'll make good use of your time.

October 9 has Mars in Aries, in your house of friendships, squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn. Clever Gemini natives know that there is more than one way past an obstacle. A friend may tell you how your plans are not going to work, but this is just an expression of their own fears and doesn't take into account your determination. The aspect today is about combining your willpower with your goals. Yes, what you're proposing is a climb, but the higher the peak the better the view.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, October 10, with happy-go-lucky Venus running away with spontaneous Uranus in your house of romantic liaisons. Today, you're in the moment, ready for anything. Gemini natives already have the ability to change quickly, and within minutes you have left chores behind and are ready for excitement.

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