Gemini Horoscope For Next Week

Gemini Horoscope Gemini Horoscope

There's a lot of activity around your energetic friends this week. Geminis have phone calls to return and the number of texts you send this week may break some records. Your social media is also lit up.

The week begins on July 12 with Mercury going direct in your house of money. This could bring you some revenue that had been previously delayed. A paycheck you were waiting for can come through. Or there may be some funding from a government or administrative source.

On the same day the sun, shining in your house of money, dances in harmony with intuitive Neptune in your house of career. Even though today may not be a traditional workday you can still be dazzling. You may spend part of the day preparing for the week, posting inspirational messages for your friends and coworkers, or visualizing your goals and communing with the Universe. It can be beneficial to meditate to some music and allow your higher self to speak to you.

The week continues and on July 14 the sun enlightens Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune. Jupiter has been traveling through your house of resources from others and now this happy connection with the sun can enrich you directly. You can get funding for a business, your home refinanced, or get approval for a SBA loan. This is a good day to apply for a bill consolidation loan. You can also get additional credit at this time.

July 15 has the sun moving forward to confront Pluto, the most intense energy of the solar system. At the same time, energetic Mars gets in a little dust-up with quirky Uranus. Today is about looking at your value and how you weigh your own worth. Your sense of worthiness is mirrored by the Universe in the form of opportunities and abundance that comes your way. Just for today, see yourself as your friends see you (or as your dog sees you—the hero the Universe). Today, plant the seed for abundance to come to you.

The week comes to an end with the disciplinarian Saturn having a conversation with happy-go-lucky Venus. It's good to balance work with play, responsibility with indulgence. Think of this aspect as eating your vegetables before dessert. By doing your chores early and helping others, you can reward yourself in the evening with guilt-free video game time or a double scoop of ice cream.

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