Gemini Horoscope For Last Week

Gemini Horoscope Gemini Horoscope

The energy this week will put a smile on your face, Gemini. Fast is followed by slow, up is followed by down, and all the time, there's constant variety.

The week begins on Sunday, January 17, with Jupiter, in your house of spirituality, making a square to Uranus in your house of psychic ability. This is one of those combinations that could bring you a spiritual experience. You may receive signs from the Universe about what to do and where to go. You may meet someone who has answers for you. Or you might click on a random video and what you need is all right there. It's good to explore your psychic ability now. Pull out Tarot cards or a pendulum and ask your guides for answers to questions.

On Wednesday, January 20, Mars in Taurus forms a conjunction with Uranus in your house of spirituality. At the same time, Mercury makes a trine to the North Node, in your own sign of Gemini. Like a dormant volcano, waking up, there are signs that Mount Vesuvius is about to blow. You may be feeling limited by the dictates or rules in your life. The North Node represents your life path, and the lava flow from your inner volcano can cut a new path for you to follow. But this takes a plan activated by that Mercury, your planetary ruler.

There are also a pair of aspects on Saturday, January 23 that could make a significant change in your life. The first of these is Mars in Taurus, making a square to Jupiter in your house of knowledge and spiritual guidance. This is similar energy to Wednesday without the desire to jump into the volcano. Now you're more like a bullet train filled with determination to get to your destination.

The second aspect is the energy for laying the tracks for the train. The sun in Aquarius forms a conjunction with Saturn in that same house of knowledge and rules. This can cause you to test your rules to see if the train (your plans and actions) will run off the tracks. Most importantly, this is about having an awareness of your community, how other people can help or hinder what you're doing. Your train doesn't operate in a vacuum. There may be other trains you are sharing the tracks with and traffic crossing the tracks at intersections. Much of what you want to do is most effective when you are working in harmony with others.

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