Gemini Horoscope For Last Week

Gemini Horoscope Gemini Horoscope

This week, Gemini, express your love of beauty in some new home decor. Consider unleashing your inner interior designer.

The week begins on Sunday, October 18 with the sun, in your house of romance, petitioning Saturn in your house of intimacy. This is about solidifying a relationship. It's important to listen to your partner today and not take on a parent role. At the same time, make sure the responsibilities, especially financial ones, are shared. Sharing the burden brings balance.

On the same day, romantic Venus, in your house of home, makes googly eyes at Neptune in Pisces. This energy is the opposite of the aforementioned sun/Saturn connection. It says you want to throw all caution to the wind and grab the person by the hand to run through fields of fragrant lavender, singing romantic show tunes. Today look for balance.

On October 19, Mars in Aries clears a path to Jupiter in your house of resources from others. A financial windfall is possible today. This could be a low-interest loan, grant, scholarship, or some government funding for your business. Make sure you are diligent with the paperwork and get things signed and stamped as soon as possible. A good aspect like this doesn't come along every day.

The week continues and on October 21, Venus, in your house of home and family, cuddles with Pluto (as much as a planet can cuddle with icy Pluto). Today is a good day to use some diplomacy and maybe cookies to thaw out a standoffish relative. Express an interest in things that interest them. Show them you care and then give them space so they can come to you.

On Friday, October 23, Mercury, in your house of work, pressures Chiron in your house of the future. Today, you may feel quite fed up with your job. Gemini natives may dream of doing something else. But seeds take a while to grow. Today, just recognize it takes many small steps to make a big change. Take one or maybe two of those small steps today.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, October 24 with Venus, at the base of your chart, beckoning Saturn in your house of sexy fun. While Saturn in Capricorn is rarely relaxed, it is regular like clockwork. Today, you and your sweetheart can get on an intimate schedule, fulfilling both of your needs and helping the relationship become better.

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