Gemini Horoscope For Last Week

Gemini Horoscope Gemini Horoscope

As changeable energy swirls around, Geminis dance. Nothing is set in stone this week, there are no concrete plans. Everyone seems to be making adjustments, and you're just going with the flow.

The energy revs up on Monday, July 27, with Mars in energetic Aries in a scuffle with Mercury in your house of money. At the same time, philosophical Jupiter communes with idealistic Neptune. Today, there's a clash between the vision of what you want and the reality of your obligations. Though versatile Geminis have no problem switching from one reality to another. Schedule time for musings, creative work, or a little bit of meditation between company meetings and spreadsheet projects. But most importantly, don't allow others to push you in a direction that leaves you feeling out of balance. If you don't like how they are choreographing the workflow you can bebop out of there.

The week continues and on July 30, Jupiter, in your house of resources from others, makes an easy connection with Mercury. Today, you may receive some information about refinancing a house, a mortgage opportunity, or some other funding option. You may find bankers and insurance brokers are easier to deal with now. This is a good day to make connections with others as they could be surprisingly helpful.

July 31 brings a change in the emotional weather as the sun attempts to govern Venus in your own sign of Gemini. A few people want to take the fun out of everything, and you seem to have these people in your life today. You may be faced with a sudden deadline. There may be some difficulty where you are unable to get the information you need. But your quick mind and your myriad of connections can help you get everything done on time.

The week comes to an end on August 1 with Pluto in a tension point with your planetary ruler Mercury. To have an extraordinary life you must balance short-term desires with long-term goals. This includes taking the time to make a plan for your finances. On this first day of August, Pluto is helping you focus to set up a budget you can really live with. Look at the month ahead and schedule in what you can sell to make more money, where you can save money, and how you could invest money. You could make August really profitable.

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