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Gemini Horoscope Gemini Horoscope

Quick-thinking Mercury, your ruling planet, is in airy Libra when it trines ambitious Saturn in airy Aquarius on September 4. You’ll be good at weighing all your options now and making decisions based on what’s best for everyone involved, not just yourself.

Powerful Mars teams up with easygoing fellow air sign Libra on the fourteenth, slowing things down and making you feel a bit less energized. If you just started a project, you might not feel like working on it for the next few weeks. Try to delegate as many tasks as possible so you don’t get too far behind and miss your deadline.

The full moon in emotional water sign Pisces on September 20 puts you in touch with your feelings and more compassionate side. Your dreams and intuition have strong messages for you, so be sure to pay attention to subconscious clues. Following your gut instincts can help you get closure on something that’s been holding you back for a long time.

The year’s last Mercury retrograde period starts on the twenty-sixth, while Mercury is in passive Libra. Your personal relationships might get a bit distant now due to lack of communication or verbal miscues, and the longer you don’t do anything about it, the worse things will get. Being the first one to reach out isn’t a weakness.

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