Aquarius Horoscope For Last Week

Aquarius Horoscope Aquarius Horoscope

Friendships are highlighted for Aquarius natives, especially around collaboration. Pulling together your resources with others gives you synergy.

The week begins on Sunday, November 22, with the sun entering the sign of Sagittarius and your house of alliances. At the same time, Mercury in Scorpio, in your house of career, makes an inconjunct to Mars in your house of communication. While this is not a traditional workday, you may be sending out emails or communicating with coworkers. And here's where you want to use caution as this is a challenging aspect for understanding the other person's point of view. If at all possible, wait a day before responding to emails and texts that are connected with your career.

On Tuesday, November 24, Mercury, in your house of community standing, makes a trine to Neptune in your house of money. Today, your good reputation can help you bring in a money opportunity. A person you worked with in the past may reach out to you with a career opportunity. Everything is a little vague at first though seeds have been planted. Give it a little nurturing by responding. Then wait to see what grows.

The week continues, and on Thursday, November 26, the sun, in your house of social networks, makes a healing trine to Chiron in your house of correspondence. This is an excellent day to post uplifting memes and make positive comments on other people's posts. This good energy will reverberate in your life and bring you fruitful returns over the next week or two.

On Friday, November 27, Venus, at the top of your chart, is in opposition with disruptive Uranus rumbling at the base of your chart. There can be a division at home, two people on opposite sides of an issue. Venus can help all of this can be fun and lighthearted, but with Uranus underneath, be careful about saying anything too harsh or too shocking. This is a quick aspect. If possible, leave contentious situations alone.

The week comes to an end on Saturday, November 28, when Neptune in Pisces, in your house of money, turns to begin moving forward again. Neptune's been traveling through your money house for a long time, bringing a spiritual connection to your finances. A little money magic can help. Consider adding a Feng Shui cure like placing a lucky money cat on your entryway table or a stack of coins on your windowsill to call prosperity energy.

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