Aquarius Horoscope For Last Week

Aquarius Horoscope Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius—you are standing on the edge of change. There has been a lot of disruption around you but as an air sign, you can take a little bit of wind. Now open your sails and soar.

The week begins on June 28 with Mars entering the sign of Aries in your house of communications, writing, and teaching. You can have a bit of fame over the next six months as your social-media followers increase through your memes, posts, or podcasts. Even if you're not on social media the number of phone calls and text you'll do over the next six months is quite a lot.

At the same time, Mars moves into fortuitous alignment with Saturn in your sign of Aquarius. While you have so many opportunities coming with Mars in Aries, what is important is how you connect verbally with yourself. Eliminate negative self talk for the next 24 hours. And see the change that happens in a day.

The week continues and on June 30 Jupiter and Pluto merge in your house of hidden talents and secrets. As another reveals a secret, you discover something about yourself. You recognize how much you've grown and that you’re stronger than you ever knew you could be.

On the same day, Mercury in your house of work activates the erratic energy of Uranus in Taurus. Give your challenges to the Universe today. Literally, ask the spirit realm for help through meditation or prayer. And answers will come to you.

July 1 has the retrograde Saturn moving back into Capricorn and sitting at the all-powerful rising point of your chart. You have the opportunity to realize an important goal in your life related to your psychic ability or artistic endeavors. It's time to explore the inner you and bring it forth for other people to see. Pick up a deck of tarot cards or paintbrush and express yourself.

On the same day, the sun makes two aspects. First to Mercury, in your house of relationships, and second to Uranus in your house of love and romance. It's time to break the rules and do something exciting with your sweetheart. Have fun outside of your normal routine. Look to change the time of day or perhaps the location for some sexy fun.

The week comes to an end with the holiday on July 4 and the energy of being independent. There are changes coming soon. There is an eclipse tomorrow.

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