Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope Aquarius Horoscope

The energy this week for Aquarius natives is absolutely electric. Spontaneity is key (which is one of your natural talents). There's even a possibility of an adventure.

This is a highly intense week for most people, but you, Aquarius native, live your life on a higher frequency anyway, so when energy currents jangle the nerves, you are much more able to handle it. That doesn't mean listening to people bouncing off the walls won't bug you. You may be gritting your teeth at times. On Sunday, January 17, Jupiter, in your own sign of Aquarius, makes a square to your planet ruler Uranus. This is the bolt-out-of-the-blue, lucky chance that can come your way. So, planting seeds today could result in something amazing happening. That means direct messaging people you admire, posting your Billie Eilish cover song on YouTube, or asking out a person you admire. The more seeds you plant, the more prosperity and abundance you can receive.

The energy takes a step up on the scale on Wednesday, January 20, when Mars in Taurus, in your house of home, conjuncts Uranus, the planet of change. On the same day, intellectual Mercury makes a trine to the spiritual North Node. Now a plan is starting to come together, and you may be setting up a home office, building a recording studio, or replacing your dorm room bedroom furniture, so you are ready to receive guests. Any of these would be good things to do, but your energy is erratic and unsettled. It may be hard to sit still when your leg is bouncing, and you are doom-scrolling excessively. Take a moment and breathe. Focus your energy, and you can make some important things happen today.

The energy goes up an octave higher on Saturday, January 23, with a pair of aspects starting with Mars in Taurus making a square to Jupiter in your sign of Aquarius. On the same day, the sun in Aquarius (happy birthday!) conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius is called the Water Bearer, but it's actually an air sign. Its glyph represents electrical or radio waves. This is perfect for sending out your message because the energy today is about integrating you, the individual, with the group. This is about finding where you fit in and can contribute. You can boldly go forward with confidence, knowing it's going to be hard work to achieve your goals, but the journey is so worthwhile.

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