Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope Aquarius Horoscope

The month kicks off with love and luck in the stars for you, dear Aquarius, as the Leo sun blows a kiss to auspicious Jupiter on August 1. Use these playful vibes to get in some flirting with that special someone to help build upon any relationship you’re hoping will bloom into something more meaningful.

The romantic vibes continue to flow in the days ahead, though you’ll want to be mindful that you’re not giving all of your energy to someone else. Balance and self-love are just as important as devoting yourself to a partner and can help strengthen your existing relationships.

You’ll notice a shift when passionate Mars enters Gemini on the twentieth, helping you multitask your priorities. This cosmic climate asks you to recommit to an artistic outlet or creative hobby, which will ultimately allow you to reconnect with your true self. Themes around fun and friendship will also come to the forefront of your life, making it a good time to invest more time and energy in your closest confidants. A steamy energy might also come into play, though new relationships that pop up now could be short-lived.

August 22 marks the beginning of Virgo season, shifting your focus toward personal transformation. You’ll find that you have less patience with any people or situations that haven’t been growing with you. The Universe is pushing you to evolve and cut ties with anything that’s been weighing you down. Use the new moon on the twenty-seventh to set intentions around emotional and mental growth, because the other side will be eager to support such endeavors.

Standout days: 2, 16 ,30
Challenging days: 5, 7, 11

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