Aquarius Horoscope For Last Month

Aquarius Horoscope Aquarius Horoscope

Communication master Mercury is in your open-minded sign to begin the month, which means you will consider a lot of different potential solutions when you’re trying to solve problems. Even though you aren’t self-conscious or particularly indecisive, it never hurts to get other people’s opinions about your choices.

Venus sextiles your ruler Uranus on March 3, giving you a style completely your own. You dress with flair and might adopt a new accent or ask controversial questions just to get a reaction. You are truly unique, and you honestly don’t care what others think of you now!

Mercury leaves your sign for the deep emotional waters of Pisces on the fifteenth, plunging you into some discussions about life and love that you’d rather not have. The Fish’s longing to trust someone completely finds you getting far more involved than you might if you weren’t under this sensitive influence, but why not make the best of it?

You welcome change and variety in your life during the Mercury-Uranus sextile on March 21, and you enjoy talking to a whole lot of different kinds of people about a whole range of varying topics. If someone can’t keep up with your advanced verbal skills, you have no problem walking away and finding someone who can. Harsh, Aquarius!

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