What kind of person is Bubba Franks?

Bubba Franks's psyche follows an introverted flow. He knows himself and attempts to develop his inner resources to their maximum potential.

Bubba Franks is motivated by a need to work in common with other people and to share life's pleasures and pain. His commitments to other people are of paramount importance to his personal development. This dependence may present difficulties with individual self-assertion and make it hard for him to make decisions alone. If he wants to achieve inner equilibrium, Bubba Franks must behave in such a way that his actions yield benefits to others as well as himself.

Bubba Franks demonstrates great interest in the outside world, social affairs, and anything else that contributes to the growth and development of society as a whole. Clubs, organizations, and other forms of partnership attract his attention and motivate his behavior. He tries to protect himself from his subjectivity by adopting an impersonal approach to life. Devoted to the common cause, his destiny is no longer his alone. It is almost entirely controlled by the people whose cause he has espoused.

Bubba Franks knows that he needs to assert his originality. He is individualistic and independent and lives life according to his own rules. People and things matter to him only insofar as they relate to him, and he ignores or disregard any annoyances he may encounter. His passions are lively and ardent, and he truly loves to give. He is endowed with great authenticity and can be quite generous, as long as he is aware that others admire him.

Bubba Franks works hard to understand the feelings of other people. However, he finds it difficult to understand his own emotions, as he sees the emotional world as a foreign territory, full of hidden dangers. If he were able to accept and understand his own emotions, he would have an easier time grappling with the feelings of others. Bubba Franks has a strong desire for emotional independence and might have trouble seeing the emotional needs of other people. He might even be the first to deny that such needs are real. Because his dependency on others is seen as a threat, it is repressed.

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