What is Anju Mahendru’s Personality Type?

Anju Mahendru is a theorist who seeks to discover the absolute truths that animate her existence. She is introverted and wary of the outer world, but her appetite for knowledge and understanding is voracious. Anju is fascinated by difficult problems and enjoys solving them. She is confident in her stamina and endurance, and her independent mind gives her the ability to tackle difficult tasks. She is wary of excess, but her deep sensitivity and voracious appetite for knowledge and understanding sometimes leads her to be dogmatic or conformist. Anju is a creature of duty, sober, and relatively self-disciplined. She often has a goal of achieving liberty, but her introverted personality sometimes leads her to be reserved. Anju is sensitive and vulnerable to emotional urges, and she enjoys solitary reflection and contemplation. She is cautious and deliberate in her actions, and she values deep feelings and the intense passion they arouse. Anju is motivated by a desire to find spiritual truth, and she has a long-term perspective in all her endeavors. She prizes deep feelings and the passion they arouse, and once she finds a kindred spirit she will have to learn how to express her feelings and release long pent-up urges. Success for Anju is important because if her emotions are deprived of the energy to obtain a release, her personality will become mired in a bog of unconscious repressed desires and frustrated yearnings.

Anju Mahendru thrives in the peace and security of the nest. Her spouse and family will be an important part of her life.

Anju Mahendru was born under the sign of Aries with the sun in Capricorn. Her rising sign was indicative of her personality, which was characterized by individualism, guile, vitality, and passion, as well as a need for security and continuity. Her contradictory inclinations – an impulsive, spontaneous nature and an abiding need for security – coexisted, which created tension in her behavior. She was ambitious and persistent, and could devote all her energy to succeeding. She had a taste for leadership, and was apt to play an important role in society. Her contradictory inclinations would eventually bring her stability, and she would be able to lead a fulfilling life.

Born seven to ten days after the full moon, you are said to be a “first quarter” lunar type. This “soli-lunar” configuration means that your character is strong-willed and sometimes proud, always determined to buck convention and innovate. Monotony is unbearable to you, and you chafe under the yoke of routine. As a result, you often run into trouble with authority figures. When overwhelmed by your conscience, you rave about how destructive it is to long for the past, how ridiculous it is to be old-fashioned, and how obsolete the old values are. Generally speaking, your monthly energy flow crests about seven to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon. You would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects. At that time, your initiatives will be most successful, especially if you are trying to create something new, original, and cutting-edge!

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