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Capricorn Horoscope Capricorn Horoscope

Following up on some of the energetic themes that 2023 began for you, 2024 is a year in which you get to showcase your amazing resilience, Capricorn! After completely transforming your life for the past thirteen years, Pluto leaves your sign for good, so starting this year, life should begin to feel lighter as you wrap up a major period of change. Do keep in mind that Pluto’s influence will move to your second house of money, so this is definitely a year to perform an investigative dive into your financial state as well as long-term goals! What’s different about this year is the presence of Ceres—the asteroid of nurturance—in your sign almost all year long. After pushing yourself and your body for so long, this dwarf planet will request that you make a huge commitment to yourself. Eating healthy, exercising, and scheduling time for rest were never so important. “Burning the candle at both ends” will no longer be a vibe for you, as doing so will only set you back on your wellness goals. In 2024, the more you learn to respect your body’s boundaries, the happier your life will be!


This year, your romantic stars hold a dual nature. If you’re already committed and cohabitate with your partner, the cosmos will invite you to do deep healing work. Whether you’re dealing with family adjustments or fully processing past issues, the closer you work together to overcome challenges, the stronger your foundation (and relationship) will be. This energy will be especially magnified from January to March, and then again between May 22 and June 5. If you’re single and looking, you have a seriously good (and rare) opportunity to meet someone special. The exciting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, active between mid-March and mid-May, could bring someone extraordinary and exciting into your life. But there’s a catch! To gain this, you might have to venture way out of your comfort zone and attend places, parties, or dating apps you would normally say no to.


The mantra “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn” perfectly describes your career journey in 2024, Cappie. Your ruling planet—ringed Saturn—remains in Pisces all year long. Contrary to what you would think, handling this mismatched combination is not about having strict boundaries. Instead, is about being more malleable with your goals as well as processes—and especially, it is about adopting a more creative mindset. This year, it’s crucial that you don’t allow yourself to get down whenever projects fail or shift without notice. Because, with the Lunar South Node of Destiny in your tenth house of career, the universe is making room, so this empty space can later on be filled up with new and more exciting ventures. Mark the March 24 full moon lunar eclipse and the October 2 new moon solar eclipse, when major shifts and adjustments can take place in your career.

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