Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope Capricorn Horoscope

This week Capricorns may feel the four walls closing in on you. You are done with limitations and have a desire to expand. There are limitless possibilities.

The week begins on June 28 as Mars enters the sign of Aries at the base of your chart. Here Mars challenges the very foundations of your life. Mars asks what story you tell yourself about your place in the Universe. Mars will take six months to go through this house and over that time you are on the hero's journey where you learn and grow and discover that you are so much more.

On the same day, Mars moves to compound his energy with your own planet Saturn in the sign of Aquarius in your house of money. Most of the things you want to do are within your grasp. Rather than expressing things in terms of "I can't afford it" instead say "how can I attract money to do it?"

The week continues and on June 30, the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, bonds his energy with the most powerful planet, Pluto, in your sign of Capricorn for the second time this year. These two join forces to open the gateway to spiritual power. They burn away the limitations and light up the road towards your success. This energy began in April and will continue the rest of the year. Today sit in front of your vision board or your list of goals and meditate on what it is you want.

On the same day, Mercury in your house of relationships makes a fortunate connection with Uranus. Today's a good day to reach out to someone you admire and see if a connection can happen.

July 1 has Saturn moving back into Capricorn. And on the same day, the sun makes an aspect to thoughtful Mercury and to eccentric Uranus. These two planets join together to give you genius-level ideas. And now the sun shines a spotlight on both of them. Solutions are ready to happen. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Write down the problems, blocks or unscalable walls that are limiting you. Place the list under your pillow and sleep on it.

The week comes to a conclusion with the July 4 holiday fireworks. You can use the exploding sound as a reminder to have the warrior mindset and fight for your goals. Changes in opportunities are coming soon. Tomorrow is a lunar eclipse.

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