Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope Capricorn Horoscope

You are easily seen this week as the shining moon is at the very top of your chart. This is a time to stand on the rooftop and shout your message. Wear bright colors and be seen.

On April 7, Mars in Aquarius, in your house of money, links up with Uranus in Taurus in your house of risk-taking. This is a rash and impulsive combination, which could lead you to make investments in areas you're not fully versed in. All sense of caution and prudence can fly out the window as you feel the swell of the crowd carrying you along. Your fear of missing out is high now but don't give into mob mentality. Saturn sits in your house of money with the voice of reason and prudence. Think before you act.

Mercury in Pisces angles toward Pluto in Jupiter in your sign of Capricorn on March 7. Your ability to focus is powerful now. You can easily size up any situation and find the real truth behind what people are saying. Today you are a lie detector, an investigator, and a virtual-descendant of Sherlock Holmes. What you need to know will be revealed.

April 7 brings the full moon in Libra giving opportunities in business and for your career. This is a good day to send out resumes, post your CV on a job-hunting site or reach out to former colleagues on business websites such as LinkedIn. Your powers to attract a great job are the strongest they have been this year. Over the next few weeks, you could bring in a job offer ready for you to negotiate. If you're staying in your current position, you are easily noticed by managers. You can ask for a meeting to talk about your career trajectory.

April 8 has the sun in Aries meeting with Venus in your house of health and routines. Venus, the planet of temptation, may have brought back some less-than-positive habits. You may need a new personal trainer or a diet reboot.

April 11 has Mercury, now in Aries, syncs with Saturn in your house of money. This combination of communication and finance indicates it's a good idea to do a written budget. Sit down with your family and discuss how you can save your way to getting the things you really want. This might be a house, vacation home or really amazing family adventure. You can do this as Saturn loves to economize. Make a game out of being frugal.

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