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Capricorn Horoscope Capricorn Horoscope

Your hardworking home planet Saturn is the most ambitious of the outer planets, and as 2023 begins with a harmonious union with airy Aquarius, you’ll be searching to restore a sense of balance most likely involving finances. Capricorn, your life this year is all about doing what you have to do in order to reach your goals. Playing up your unique talents and abilities will help you succeed early this year. When Saturn moves into intuitive Pisces and your house of communication in early March, the need for security and achievement will start to affect your thought process and how you express your ideas. This transit is calling attention to your need to reflect on the way you try to get your point across, and it urges you to take action to make any necessary adjustments. There’s a lot of debate about how the mysterious dwarf planet Pluto has been demoted in the past, but this year its influence deserves your attention! Its powerful journey through your determined sign from January to late March (and again as it retrogrades from May to mid-October, then moves direct for the rest of the year) puts you through some dramatic shifts and changes and can cause vulnerability and instability in both your personal and professional lives. In many cases, it will be up to you to take charge and make sure nothing gets too far out of control, especially if no one else steps up.


New moons mark times of potential new beginnings, and the new moon and solar eclipse in fiery Aries in mid-April fire up your security zone and send you looking for love in relatively safe places. If you have any romantic interest in a neighbor or roommate, Capricorn, this would be an excellent time to explore that further. And while you might not find the love of your life while sitting on your couch, you’ll be looking for casual, comfortable dates that don’t require a lot of effort. If you can’t have a good time cooking dinner together at home and watching a movie, you probably aren’t a perfect match. By the time loving Venus enters kindred earth sign Virgo and your ninth house in early October, you’re a true student of love. You are laser focused on the details of what makes love work, and you can’t wait to apply what you learn in a real-life romantic scenario. You need a partner who will accompany you on your exotic journeys and wild adventures now, so a worldly Sagittarius might be your perfect match. Sexual Mars fires up your companionship zone when it pairs up with powerful Scorpio in the middle of October, so needless to say, things could get a little intense over the coming weeks. Your confident, take-charge attitude can be somewhat intimidating now, but that’s okay because when you’re taking dating resumes, only the strong need apply. Your words and actions are very direct during this sexy pairing, but you can also put out a very mysterious vibe. If you have your eye on someone, hopefully they’re up for a little game playing.


With your ruling planet Saturn driving your goals and motivation, its position in Aquarius for the first two months of the year gives you a little less control but offers a whole lot more freedom to explore innovative and experimental thoughts and ideas related to your career. Networking will be very important as well, Capricorn, and you’ll want to play up your unique abilities and talents when talking business. As a strict but upwardly mobile Goat, you tend to follow rules and not want to step too far out of bounds, but this rebellious influence has you trying new things and experimenting with different options to find your greatest career-related success. If you’re looking for a job this year, expect to see a lot of opportunities cross your path when Mars spends time with negotiator Libra and your career zone starting at the end of August. If you’re willing to take the initiative now, you can make some excellent professional contacts. You know what you deserve, but you’re also willing to compromise for the right position. Be sure to let potential employers know that you’re willing to do what it takes to make things work. The sun shines on your serious, disciplined sign at the end of December, so celebrating your birthday might not be very high on your priority list if you still have a lot of goals and deadlines you want to reach before the EOY. Your work ethic is admirable, but putting yourself last isn’t fair. Your hard work deserves to be rewarded, and what better way to do that than by splurging on yourself? Spending some of that hard-earned cash on something you really want is a fantastic way to wrap up the year.

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