What does Sophie Fergi’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

Sophie Fergi’s confidence in herself sometimes falters, and she might try to compensate for this weakness by insisting on her authority over others. With the people she is emotionally committed to, the same nagging feelings of insecurity prevent her from expressing her generosity and love fully; her extreme independence sometimes hides an inability to abandon herself and a lack of assurance.

At the moment of Sophie Fergi’s birth, the two celestial “lights” (the sun and the moon) were symmetrically aligned. This is a portent of harmony between the masculine and feminine archetypes which is extremely beneficial. It is the source of balance and understanding between the two main psychological realms which may be said to compose the personality. Sophie Fergi thus enjoys a positive complementarity and understanding between the conscious and unconscious aspects of her psyche, between her determination and her routines, between her drive for self-assertion and her receptivity, her ideal and her sensitivity.

Sophie Fergi’s parents almost certainly reflected a positive image of the marriage relationship to her, and it is likely that they encouraged her to develop her own individuality. As a result, Sophie Fergi was and is able to be comfortable with herself as she is instead of striving to attain her parents’ ideal. This has definitely contributed to the maintenance of a good relationship with them and the rest of the family.

In Sophie Fergi’s emotional relationships with her peers, one of the effects of the masculine/feminine harmony is that the images her ego projects on the other are especially constructive. The bonds of the relationship are not felt to be constraints, the energy which flows between the two people is a source of mutual happiness, not regret. No major personal conflicts are projected onto the “other” – that is, the significant other.

Sophie Fergi does not always feel in tune with society’s rules and conventions. The mask of sociability most well-adapted people wear is difficult for her to assume, and it is hard for her to act out the roles expected of her as a normal member of the community. The usual social values and rewards, like money, respect, and prestige, only mildly interest her. Her refusal or inability to play the social game may make it hard for her to find a job, which may have negative consequences on her financial and legal status. Reluctant and unwilling to adapt to the demands of social life, she sometimes unwittingly makes mistakes when a new project is in the planning stages. For example, she may leave gaps in a job application, botch up an interview with a prospective employer, or make a big mistake when bidding for a contract. But her financial difficulties may clear up when her emotional ones do.

Sophie Fergi enjoys sharing and has a constant need for contact with other people. Sophie Fergi tends to be free and uninhibited in Sophie Fergi’s relations with other people, rarely allowing Sophie Fergi to be influenced by convention or prevailing opinion; Sophie Fergi associates with whomever Sophie Fergi pleases. This attitude makes Sophie Fergi’s life refreshing and exciting, and Sophie Fergi is never bored. In career terms, Sophie Fergi is quite gifted for any field related to communication, where Sophie Fergi’s intellectual singularity and lively wit would make Sophie Fergi an amazing hit. Sophie Fergi would also be likely to succeed in any activity where the work required a multidisciplinary approach: teaching, advertising, politics, etc.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

Hypersensitive, Sophie Fergi is extremely receptive to the mood in her surroundings. She is unconsciously able to perceive the parapsychic signals or aura people give off, in addition to their words. As a result, she is extremely compassionate and ready to devote herself to their well-being. Her imagination has formulated the dream of an ideal life, and she sometimes feels ill-equipped for the realities of this existence. She tends to dodge difficult situations. With her partner, she seeks fusion.

Sophie has a lively and curious intelligence, the very opposite of empty rhetoric and studiousness. She is agile and adaptable and can not only analyze difficult situations objectively but also demonstrate a profound comprehension when faced with a psychological problem.

Sophie has a sensitive nature. Although she may sometimes have trouble controlling her emotional reactions, they are nevertheless a source of vital energy for a constructive passion and may make an extremely positive contribution to her career. In relations with other people, she is quite friendly; she willingly reaches out to people and knows how to listen to their desires and their problems.

Sophie Fergi is an expansive, affable, and communicative associate. Indeed, some people find her generous almost to a fault! She gives of herself and her resources unstintingly. Paradoxically, there are times when she is self-focused. She reacts instinctively, without taking the trouble to analyze a given situation, and are prone to misjudge. As a result, her everyday life may be riddled with a whole variety of practical problems. Indeed, she senses a conflict between her social life and her family and will sometimes find it hard to fulfill herself in both spheres at the same time. Her attitude toward her private life may inhibit her ambitions for social or career expansion; at worst, society (the law) may impinge on her private life. She should be careful not to project her personal problems onto her partner. If, instead, she analyzes the problem together, she could find opportunities to resolve it together.

Love and Sensuality:

Sophie Fergi has fairly lofty amorous aspirations. The soulmate Sophie imagines for herself is brilliant and dazzling with an array of talents and beauty. However, the gap between her splendid ideal and reality is sometimes wide. Sophie should be careful not to confuse her romantic ideal with reality and become aware that her tendency to project may be a way of fleeing from herself.

Sophie Fergi’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. Distrustful of her emotional urges and somewhat wary of her feelings, she tries to rid herself of all partiality and tries to get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

The epitome of sensitivity, delicacy, and intuition, Sophie’s personality and charm arouse protective instincts. Sophie’s tendency to flee from realities which hurt her and her need to delude herself may nevertheless lead to major emotional failures (with people who are too weak to protect her, who deluded themselves upon meeting her). Once Sophie settles down, she will become devoted and happy. The bonds of commitment are the best protection Sophie can give herself. Sophie’s ideal match would be a sensitive or artistic soul who would do everything to make her happy. Sophie’s parental instincts are highly developed, and if she chooses to have them, her children will bring her fulfillment.

Because an element of pride intrudes on Sophie Fergi’s emotional desires, she generally seeks characters of some social distinction. However, these people may sometimes prove to be rather demanding, and they may look down on her somewhat. If, on the other hand, she commits herself to a person from a less privileged background, she is likely to be avid for social advancement. She is liable to encourage them to make continual efforts to achieve the prominence she feels is appropriate. Her domestic life may be peppered with personality clashes.

Sophie is hypersensitive and tends to relive the anxieties, apprehensions, and romantic absolutes of her first love relationships, which occurred around the ages of 13-14 years or 20-21 years. She is exquisitely sensitive, but almost completely barricaded behind a layer of aloofness. She will not settle for anything less than eternal commitment, total harmony, and absolute loyalty. She is sometimes presumed to be cold, even by those close to her. She usually hides her emotional reactions or does not even allow them to reach the level of her consciousness, in an effort to protect her sensitivity, which she sees as her weak point. She is fairly vulnerable, even in the intimacy of a stable and established relationship. Usually, she will disguise her strong feelings as a kind of possessiveness or even jealousy. Certain misfortunes may arouse a negative emotional state inside her, and she feels unworthy of the love which is lavished on her. This psychological prohibition which rules over all of her desires and affects should loosen with the passage of time; likewise, her fear of approaching the other will diminish. As a result, the second part of her romantic life will be more rewarding. In any case, if she wants to experience a harmonious love relationship and gratify herself emotionally, the defense mechanisms she has elaborated to make herself inaccessible to others will have to be dismantled. Any profound relationship will also require that she learn how to forget herself occasionally in the other.

Sophie Fergi has a romantic imagination, soaring with idealism, dreams, and poetry. Sophie Fergi is emotive and hypersensitive, making Sophie Fergi especially vulnerable emotionally, since Sophie Fergi is sometimes overwhelmed by Sophie Fergi’s feelings and affects. Although Sophie Fergi seeks an ideal soulmate, a partner with whom Sophie Fergi could maintain blissful, smooth relations, Sophie Fergi is sometimes met with disillusionment. Because Sophie Fergi’s rather excessive sensitivity and Sophie Fergi’s need to merge with the other are deep and powerful enough, they can submerge Sophie Fergi’s judgment and discernment, so Sophie Fergi sometimes forms extremely intense bonds too quickly with individuals who are not appropriate partners in many ways. When Sophie Fergi meets someone, Sophie Fergi falls under the enchantment of Sophie Fergi’s dream of ideal love and cannot keep Sophie Fergi from delighting in a reverie of future romance, placing the other on a pedestal. Early on in the relationship, Sophie Fergi yields to another of Sophie Fergi’s characteristic urges and loses Sophie Fergi in the individual who is so dear to Sophie Fergi, melding with them, only to awaken one morning and find Sophie Fergi as if in the arms of a stranger, greatly astounded and disappointed. Actually, Sophie Fergi’s psyche is constructed in such a way as to make Sophie Fergi’s sensitivity a function of the environment, in many cases; it follows the flow of momentary emotions and impressions. Before Sophie Fergi take on any major commitments, Sophie Fergi should make a conscious effort to evaluate the relationship realistically, and see whether the person really reciprocates Sophie Fergi’s intense love, for Sophie Fergi may merely be in love with the mirage of an ideal partner. Sophie Fergi’s tendency to believe in Sophie Fergi’s illusions may mark Sophie Fergi as an easy prey for people with bad intentions. It would be a good idea for Sophie Fergi to find a different object for Sophie Fergi’s affections, or a form of sublimation, because Sophie Fergi tends to be so disappointed by Sophie Fergi’s great emotional investments. The delicacy and subtlety of Sophie Fergi’s imagination procure artistic refinement for Sophie Fergi, and Sophie Fergi loves the arts, music, and literature, which could all be good sources of emotional involvement and fulfillment. Because Sophie Fergi’s sensitivity also makes it easy for Sophie Fergi to empathize with the psychological or social difficulties Sophie Fergi’s peers are struggling with, Sophie Fergi might also find it rewarding to commit Sophie Fergi to social work.

From the outside, Sophie Fergi seems to be detached and aloof, but on the inside she is an extremely complex individual, full of contradictions. Because she sometimes feels vulnerable emotionally, she tries to control not only her own feelings and urges, but may also strive to manipulate those of her partners. She aspires to a profound and enduring spiritual unity, but at the same time, the idea of abandoning herself and yielding to the other terrifies her. This anguish may be a source of rather extreme behavior patterns and a somewhat self-focused attitude which could damage the relationship. Because she is guarded and somewhat secretive, she tends to be suspicious and is especially uneasy about spontaneous intimacy, although she is fascinated by sexuality. Within the privacy of the couple, she will not express her feelings unless she is subject to some tension. Life may be peppered with frequent crises and feuds, arguments and spats which usually act as erotic provocation. This derivation of eroticism from anxiety tends to be one of the fundamental characteristics of her emotional and sexual functioning. As a result, she is likely to be attracted by stormy and complicated relationships.

Mental and Intellect:

Sophie Fergi’s intellect, which is simultaneously subjective and sensitive, acute and intuitive, always practical and deeply rooted in human experience, predisposes her to a people-oriented activity. With her memory and imagination combined with her shrewdness, she would be a gifted project manager, businesswoman, or scholar of history or literature.

Sophie Fergi expresses her thoughts and ideas carefully, but with a relative lack of spontaneity. She is rather introverted and looks inside herself for the solutions to the problems she encounters in life. Because she tends to mistrust customary thought patterns, her opinion is usually highly personal.

Sophie Fergi’s intellectual faculties and wit are sometimes slowed down because they are turned inward. Because Sophie Fergi tends to be oriented toward herself, she rarely tries to communicate with others for the simple pleasure of doing so. Indeed, Sophie Fergi sometimes feels misunderstood. Moreover, it seems difficult to Sophie Fergi to express the complexity of her inner perceptions.

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