What is Pedro Pascal’s Personality Type?

Pedro Pascal:

I live in the here-and-now, immediately obeying my impulses. I am guided by a fire burning within me. I rarely heed the warnings of reflection and reason; instead, I listen to my instincts, as if my unconscious were perpetually emerging. This is the source of my spontaneity and passion. Because I am continually being born, I champion all phenomena symbolic of birth: breaking ground, beginning, clearing. I have little interest for pursuing the new ideas I brought into being, because my inner flame is always urging me to move on quickly to the next innovation. I am not a good manager. I am straightforward. When I commit myself, I do so with mind, body, and soul. Restraint and moderation are concepts which are totally foreign to me, because I live by the fullness of my instinct, the force of my desire. Due to my energetic temperament, my determination immediately invents the action necessary to fulfill my desires. It goes without saying that my attitude engenders certain risks. Sometimes my impetuousness, or a lack of maturity or patience, or a keen appetite for experience leads me into a blind alley. But risk is a part of my life. Since my fervor is immune to calculation, second thoughts, and cunning, I have no fear. I am the type of hero whose courageous deeds are difficult to distinguish from acts of bravado or of sheer foolhardiness. My top priority is to take action, immediately. Delay is torture to me. I am in a hurry to live, to take my urges and impulses to their ultimate conclusion, even though my lack of forethought may actually make my goal take longer to accomplish.

I rarely evaluate obstacles objectively: instead, I dash into the fray, bristling with determination, oblivious to the size or scope of the difficulties. I ride home triumphantly, whether I have battered my head against a brick wall or met no resistance whatsoever. But I have a true hero’s courage and vitality. I am undaunted by challenges and real danger, to the surprise of outside observers. Like everyone, I sometimes experience failure. But I rarely despair or become overly discouraged by it; it never overcomes my. I don’t see it as a tragedy; I just figure I missed that time, but next time, I won’t. In fact, I’ll muster even more strength and power for the next attack, since I am convinced I can succeed.

Pedro Pascal tends to place his emotions in the forefront. He is sensitive and sometimes vulnerable to influences from the outer world.

Pedro Pascal tends to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interests him more than what is right at hand and realistic.

At the time of his birth, his rising sign was located in Gemini (the Twins), while the sun was passing through the sign of Aries (the Ram). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provides his personality profile.

Pedro is a lively and high-strung individual, with a curious, impatient mind eager for adventure. He enjoys meeting all sorts of different people, but sometimes he may spread himself too thin, and it is hard for him to concentrate on the same subject for any length of time. Speed, momentum, and movement are vital to Pedro. He is very flexible and adaptable, displaying ingenuity and skill.

His talent for expression is remarkable. He is launched on the wings of dazzling intuitions and flashes of inner enlightenment.

Pedro Pascal was born on the night of the full moon between three and one-half and seven days after the rising of the moon. He is considered a “shining moon” type, which means that he has a shining personality which is apt to communicate and transmit ideas. Throughout his life, Pedro will be attracted to the idea of acting as a spokesperson for a cause, idea, or person whose message seems essential to him. He will have to develop his powers of discernment, to determine which subjects or people are really worth his personal commitment.

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