What does Matt Rife’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

Matt Rife seems passive and more or less resigned to his fate, including his insecurity. Actually, Matt Rife is fairly introverted and withdrawn, trying to make sense out of his inner confusion and fathom his inner depths.

Matt Rife has a paternal complex and, as a result, some trouble finding his identity. Perhaps his father or a father figure was absent physically or emotionally during his childhood, which deprived him of the patterns or models which are usually helpful in structuring a personality. Because he might have lacked a particular sense of security which could be provided by a paternal presence, as well as the examples of behavior to follow in confronting the difficulties inherent in every life, he was forced to protect himself against negative influences and find his own system in order to grow and feel secure.

Although this system was quite useful to him as a child, it has now settled in to such a degree that it interferes with his evolution. Psychological defense mechanisms and crutches which were once useful now encumber his mind or inhibit his developmental efforts. As a result, in certain situations, it is difficult for him to assert himself, and he tends to remain an awkward or passive observer. Because his authoritarian urges are mainly directed at himself rather than others, he sometimes feels guilty about his behavior. He judges himself severely, and sometimes punishes himself by setting difficult tasks for himself. Gradually, he should build up a strong inner discipline and acquire the strength to face the problems of existence in a detached and mature way.

Matt Rife is affectionate by nature, and love plays a decisive and central role in his life. He is a charmer who needs to love and be loved. Aware of his personal magnetism and the power it gives him, he will make subtle changes in himself in order to attract positive attention. He is sophisticated and pleased to savor a lifestyle he sees as a consummate art.

Matt Rife is sober and rather reserved and may even strike people as harsh and austere at times. Perhaps Matt was raised in an atmosphere of rigor and sobriety, and, as a result, grew up very fast. Matt has acquired a spirit of self-sufficiency, tends to be rather uncompromising, and has a touchy sense of Matt’s personal dignity and worth. It is almost as though Matt were fighting an inner battle with Matt’s father or a father figure. The psychological models Matt received from Matt’s father or a father figure as a result of Matt’s interaction and Matt’s own interaction with authority may not have played a major role in shaping Matt’s relationships with the outer world and society. Matt may thus have been forced to compensate for this lack with individual determination.

As a result, although Matt is skillful, meticulous, conscientious, and efficient, a lack of self-confidence and personal assurance sometimes makes Matt timid and hesitant. Matt sometimes feels as though Matt is only masquerading as a respectable, sober adult. Matt tend to be far too critical of Matt’s self and rarely feel satisfied that Matt is living up to Matt’s ideal. These unnecessary guilt feelings may lead Matt to turn down the prominent career positions for which Matt is fully qualified. Matt is aware that early success is often short-lived and fragile and that time rewards those who know how to be patient and persistent, like Matt.

Matt Rife has a profound and fertile inner life and a prolific imagination, but his energy resources are not always sufficient to follow through on and accomplish his multitude of dreams. He tends to live in osmosis with his environment, and effort and action take a heavy toll on him. Usually, he understands phenomena and events intuitively, without really making any effort; so he is not in the habit of disciplining or shaping his thought processes. Like his thoughts, his personality is rather amorphous and disorganized. As a result of this lack of structure, he may have some trouble asserting his individuality and making some personal contribution to society through his career. His tendency to shut out reality and dream impossible dreams, like his refusal of responsibility and duty, may be a source of some difficulty for him.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

Lively and expressive, Matt Rife has a personality which is sometimes agitated but straightforward. Unconscious feelings of insecurity compel Matt to act and sometimes to seek the admiration of others. As a result, Matt is unable to bear idleness and routine, and is in search of perpetual excitement. Matt’s reactions to others are highly individual and depend on the mood Matt is in at any given moment. A person of decision, a businessperson or an athlete, Matt often personifies boldness and impetuosity. Matt’s love life is liable to be fiery, as it obeys the imperatives of Matt’s desire for freedom and independence, and Matt’s need for change.

Matt Rife’s intellect is lively, agile, and sensitive. However, Matt Rife does not always avail himself of it and may be confused or irrational in some situations. Although Matt Rife enjoys playing with words, ideas, and concepts, Matt Rife’s thought sometimes lacks discipline and structure. Matt Rife is fairly preoccupied with details and may tend to waste his nervous and mental energy in futile verbal outpourings. Moreover, Matt Rife’s feelings sometimes blur his objective vision of phenomena and people, which may cause Matt Rife to make errors in judgment.

Optimistic and happy to be alive, Matt Rife is a cheerful, expansive, pleasant associate to have. Matt Rife is extremely generous (sometimes to a fault!) and gives of himself and his belongings unstintingly. This positive psychological outlook is the result of a happy childhood and especially an extremely beneficial maternal influence in infancy. Matt Rife is quite likely to be a professional success; Matt Rife’s vision of the world is perfectly adapted to prevailing opinion, and Matt Rife’s urges and desires for personal expansion usually elicit a positive reaction from society. By old age, Matt Rife’s good reputation and prominence may have earned Matt Rife fame.

Love and Sensuality:

In affairs of the heart, Matt Rife is fairly shy, reserved, and discreet. Even in intimacy, Matt remains modest and does not always readily express his feelings. Matt is sensitive and giving, wishing to be of service to those he loves. Matt would do well to trust that he deserves to be made as happy as he makes his partner.

Matt Rife’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. Distrustful of his emotional urges and somewhat wary of his feelings, he tries to rid himself of all partiality and tries to get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

By turns forthright and inhibited, assertive and shy, provocative and timid, Matt Rife switches from mood to mood due to an inner conflict which is more or less unconscious. Matt Rife expresses contradictory desires and is difficult to live with on a daily basis. If Matt Rife is not careful, Matt Rife might make an inappropriate match – either with someone who is too overbearing and individualistic or someone who is weak and lacking character.

Alternating between fascination and repulsion, Matt Rife has an ambivalent attitude to sex. This conflict makes Matt’s love life rather complex and leads to extremes which Matt finds difficult to handle. A negative experience or a subconscious feeling of guilt may cause Matt to channel his emotions into a religious or spiritual life. Maturity may alleviate these extremes, otherwise Matt will have to make allowances and reconcile the fulfillment of Matt’s desires with the reality of a partner as they really are.

Matt Rife is hypersensitive and tends to relive the anxieties, apprehensions, and romantic absolutes of his first love relationships, which occurred around the ages of 13-14 years or 20-21 years. He is exquisitely sensitive, but almost completely barricaded behind a layer of aloofness. He will not settle for anything less than eternal commitment, total harmony, and absolute loyalty. He is sometimes presumed to be cold, even by those close to him. He usually hides his emotional reactions or does not even allow them to reach the level of his consciousness, in an effort to protect his sensitivity, which he sees as his weak point. He is fairly vulnerable, even in the intimacy of a stable and established relationship. Usually, he will disguise his strong feelings as a kind of possessiveness or even jealousy. Certain misfortunes may arouse a negative emotional state inside him, and he feels unworthy of the love which is lavished on him. This psychological prohibition which rules over all of his desires and affects should loosen with the passage of time; likewise, his fear of approaching the other will diminish. As a result, the second part of his romantic life will be more rewarding. In any case, if he wants to experience a harmonious love relationship and gratify himself emotionally, the defense mechanisms he has elaborated to make himself inaccessible to others will have to be dismantled. Any profound relationship will also require that he learn how to forget himself occasionally in the other.

Matt Rife has an ardent and amorous character, and his relationships with the other sex are enlivened by intensity and passion. A charmer perpetually engaged in a quest for the ideal love, Matt is often more in love with the idea of love than with his partners. As a result, his love life may be subject to some instability. Matt is generally attracted to original people who defy norms, standards, and classifications, and expect them to amaze and fascinate him. Love is often a matter of luck with Matt. Even when a relationship falls apart, he does not see the experience as a failure or a tragedy; instead, he seems to learn valuable lessons from his mistakes. Psychologically, his emotion contributes positively and efficiently to his evolution. From another standpoint, his acute sensitivity predisposes him to original and subtle tastes; he is so receptive to beauty and attached to the concepts of truth and balance that they may all combine to yield remarkable creative potential.

Matt Rife has a great emotional ideal, full of subtlety and tenderness. However, Matt Rife tends to be overwhelmed by his imagination and may not be selective enough when choosing a partner. Matt Rife’s romantic and trusting nature may make him vulnerable. Although Matt Rife strives to establish peaceful, uncomplicated relations, he sometimes experiences painful disappointments. Matt Rife’s artistic delicacy and refinement provide him with a sincere love of the arts, music, and literature. Matt Rife is likely to be a gifted poet.

Mental and Intellect:

Matt Rife’s mental aptitudes make him especially good at comparing, evaluating, and weighing information. This intellectual modus operandi has enabled him to develop an innate sense of values, both artistic and ethical, as well as a remarkable ability to relate to other people. Matt Rife’s appreciative, conciliatory attitude makes him a skillful diplomat able to untangle conflict situations deftly and with ease. In other situations, Matt Rife’s artistic spirit is sensitive to a wide variety of harmonies.

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