What is LaurDIY’s Personality Type?

LaurDIY is a fiery, emotional creature. As a result of the preponderance of emotion, sensation, and feeling in her psychological make-up, LaurDIY has acquired a deep sense of her individuality and uniqueness. LaurDIY sometimes feels “different” – set apart from others. In order to justify this idea of herself, LaurDIY attempts to behave differently, to impress the crowd, and the product of her efforts is usually rather grandiose and exaggerated.

It’s a self-perpetuating bind, because LaurDIY’s impressive deeds usually earn recognition for her, and reinforce her self-assurance and her certainty that LaurDIY does indeed stand head and shoulders above the rest. LaurDIY sometimes makes an attempt to bluff and show off with an emotional display. LaurDIY likes to take risks and give people advice. Nevertheless, at the basis of LaurDIY’s conduct, there is a feeling of social anxiety, which is probably unconscious or unconfessed. LaurDIY may fear being absorbed or enslaved by society.

The positive side of this unconscious anxiety is that it drives LaurDIY to create, to counteract the deeply felt effects of time and the masses on her ego. By creating something, LaurDIY can make her own individual mark on the world; LaurDIY can organize it to reflect her own image, instead of allowing herself to be submerged by it. The preceding comments about creating the world in her own image are strong indications that LaurDIY seeks to identify with her superego. The difference between LaurDIY’s ideal of herself and the individual LaurDIY knows herself to be in truth, measured in terms of LaurDIY’s social recognition or the recognition of her creations (children, works of art, etc.), will determine her state of mind. It is therefore important for LaurDIY to make these images match to a certain extent, to reduce the gap as much as possible.

The psychological dynamic described earlier explains many of the pluses and minuses in LaurDIY’s personality. LaurDIY’s dignity and self-assurance may border on vanity; LaurDIY’s strong instinct and ambition combined with LaurDIY’s somewhat exaggerated individualism incline LaurDIY to be self-focused. LaurDIY may be proud, but LaurDIY is also courageous, determined, and generous. LaurDIY has the skills of an educator or an artist; moreover, LaurDIY is mysteriously lucky.

Due to the influence of Capricorn rising, LaurDIY has a personality which may seem somewhat aloof, withdrawn, and introspective. In fact, LaurDIY is not inclined to submit to anyone’s influence, and leads the independent, solitary life of the individualist. Sometimes skeptical (if not pessimistic) and resigned, LaurDIY is still shrewd and objective in LaurDIY’s insights and judgments. LaurDIY has a fairly severe, “no-frills” vision of life, and only the pure, bare essence really matters to LaurDIY. Impatient and sometimes restless, LaurDIY sometimes chafes under the limits and restraints of social realities and convention. Fairly rebellious by nature, LaurDIY sees LaurDIY as striving for freedom from the bonds of earthly existence, which LaurDIY finds confining. LaurDIY’s personal stability tends to be founded on enduring values – philosophical or scientific facts in relation to spiritual values. Sometimes LaurDIY seems detached and weary, or disillusioned, and LaurDIY does not appreciate the social whirl. LaurDIY does not readily express LaurDIY’s feelings and emotions, but deep inside, LaurDIY has great sensitivity. LaurDIY’s sense of time, a true instinct, is very important. It rules and coordinates all of LaurDIY’s activities.

LaurDIY wants to wield power and enjoy social prestige. LaurDIY feels quite at home in the modern world others find frightening.

LaurDIY has a strong personality; LaurDIY is sometimes a little self-centered. LaurDIY’s fate is in LaurDIY’s own hands!

At the time of LaurDIY’s birth, her rising sign was located in Capricorn (the Goat), while the sun was passing through the sign of Leo (the Lion). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide her personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of her character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Narcissism – Need for security – Determination – Inhibition – Pride and self-assurance – Application – Superiority – Methodical mind – Brilliance – Forethought – Generosity – Loyalty – Optimism.

Her energetic, proud, and self-admiring side engages her guileful, withdrawn, calculating side either in conflict or in cooperation, depending on the circumstances.

Her authority and determination often monopolize her energy, at the expense of her emotions. Or she may find herself distracted from pursuing her goals by the whisperings of her heart. By middle age, however, she should reach a balance which gives liberal expression to all her gifts. Control over her emotions, pride, and passions should then give her access to the highest realms of self-realization.

Born in the seven to ten days after the full moon rose, LaurDIY is of the “last quarter” lunar type. As a result, LaurDIY’s personality is fairly independent and self-sufficient. LaurDIY’s ideas are original and often bold, but, to LaurDIY’s dismay, do not often garner a majority of followers.

LaurDIY’s sense of humor is LaurDIY’s best communications tool, but LaurDIY often switches to a more severe tone which breaks LaurDIY’s charm over LaurDIY’s audience, and LaurDIY’s methods do not always please the masses.

LaurDIY’s lack of flexibility hinders LaurDIY’s strategies and projects, and LaurDIY would gain by developing LaurDIY’s sense of diplomacy and tact. Although LaurDIY is not unduly attached to success, because LaurDIY is so used to being ahead of LaurDIY’s time, LaurDIY’s failures take a psychological toll on LaurDIY. Because each setback wears LaurDIY down a little more, LaurDIY should try to avoid further disappointments by conforming to contemporary reality a little more closely.

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