What is Jazmine Hood’s Personality Type?

You are a very observant person, able to understand people and situations very well. You have a deep intuition which helps you to understand the essence of people and things. You are also very social, and enjoy being around people. You often have a strong sense of the group, and are willing to sacrifice your own ego for the good of the group. You can be unreliable and untrustworthy, because you are sometimes opportunistic and disloyal. However, these are superficial characteristics. The real reason for your behavior is psychological, and resides in the fact that you are always looking for the perfect group or arrangement. You are also somewhat chameleon-like, able to blend in with the situation and mood. You are very successful in social settings, and thrive on friendships, partnerships, and networks. Your mind is very flexible, able to make harmonious and productive encounters between people and ideas. All of your emotional health is invested in a desire to participate. However, you sometimes have phases of discouragement, followed by renewed zeal in your work efforts or group participation. Because you are always seeking the perfect group or arrangement, you sometimes despair of ever attaining it. You have a natural tendency to find common ground for people, and to reconcile differing opinions and viewpoints. You are also partial to any arrangement which promotes cooperation or fellowship. Because you are not aggressive by nature, you know how to make peace. You are a skillful diplomat and go-between. As a corollary to your openness to society, you are closely related to your environment. The society in which you move contributes in large part to the formation of your character and attitude. Through social contacts and friendships, you have elaborated a personal code of ethics which reconciles societal norms and the values your family, friends, and relations have passed on to you. It is important for you to find a way to make all these components harmonize, or you will feel a bit lost and bewildered. You need recognition. You sometimes attach great importance to other people’s opinions of you. You enjoy love and appreciation, and are touched by praise as much as you are upset by criticism. You have a vital need for others, and loathe solitude. Emotional functions are central to your psyche, and the encounter with a kindred spirit could be a turning point for you, a momentous event in your life. Since you are aware of this, and your tactfulness makes you quite successful with your love interests, you may be content to go from affair to affair without ever settling down

Due to the influence of Sagittarius (the Centaur-Archer) rising, you are a dual, ambivalent being, vagrant and capricious. It is natural for you to be simultaneously conventional and rebellious. You can happily submit to society and convention for a time, only to emerge committed to rugged individualism, or vice versa. Your inner attachment to an ideal of liberty and emancipation does not prevent you from adopting a sociable, pleasant attitude at social events. This dichotomy in your personality grants you such useful social skills as adaptability and poise, but inside, you face a quest for your true identity and consciousness. Your primary psychological task is to maintain the harmony reigning between the two entities dwelling within you. You must not limit yourself to being either one or the other. You will achieve true psychic and existential stability by personifying a blend of these two behavioral tendencies. When you are comfortable with your individuality, you can radiate optimism and energy; flexible and elastic, you will delight in any change or unpredictability, without losing sight of your long-term purposes. Eminently social, you will express your true nature by becoming deeply involved with groups and taking on duties and responsibilities as a member. You will enjoy your ability to infuse them with your idealistic enthusiasm and visions for the future. Your special gifts for dealing with energy make you apt to occupy a position of great social responsibility.

Jazmine Hood has high social aspirations. She believes that by gaining total control of her intellect, feelings, and instincts, she can achieve them.

Jazmine Hood has a strong personality; she is sometimes a little self-centered. Her fate is in her own hands!

At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Sagittarius (the Archer), while the sun was passing through the sign of Libra (the Scales). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your personality profile. You are a very social person, with a great sense of diplomacy and a gift for reconciling differing viewpoints. You are friendly and willing to be of service, and your courtesy can tend toward a certain sentimentalism. As a result, you commit yourself to too many people at the same time, and may sometimes feel spread too thin. You are an artist or student of art, and have a profound sense of beauty (harmony, rhythm, composition, associations and juxtapositions, etc.). You like your independence, but will nevertheless bow to custom and usage in good grace. Your sense of fairness and justice is keen, and you spontaneously take up the cause of the defenseless.

Born in the seven to ten days after the full moon rose, you are of the “last quarter” lunar type. As a result, your personality is fairly independent and self-sufficient. Your ideas are original and often bold, but, to your dismay, do not often garner a majority of followers. Your sense of humor is your best communications tool, but you often switch to a more severe tone which breaks your charm over your audience, and your methods do not always please the masses. Your lack of flexibility hinders your strategies and projects, and you would gain by developing your sense of diplomacy and tact. Although you are not unduly attached to success, because you are so used to being ahead of your time, your failures take a psychological toll on you. Because each setback wears you down a little more, you should try to avoid further disappointments by conforming to contemporary reality a little more closely.

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