What is Bobby Moynihan’s Personality Type?

Bobby Moynihan is an extroverted intuitive who is open to the reality of the world, objects, and others. He has a special duality to his mind, which is made up of equal parts of intellectual resources and sensitivity, giving him great intuition and humanism. As a function of this latter, he has a great sense of his fellow human and the oracular art of divining people’s unconscious wishes and motivations – in fact, his advice is often sought. In material terms, it gives him a talent for locating lost objects and a spirit of discovery and invention. Overall, he welcomes the signs arriving from the outer world in a positive and liberal way and even incites them to promise more than they can provide. However, when something does not satisfy him, he has the ability to cheer himself up rapidly and is quick to discover whatever positive aspects it may present. This involves a process of readaptation which requires formidable ego transformations, and they are the challenge for him. It is up to him to renew himself, to behave in such a way as to drain his environment of fearsome or threatening aspects. He is usually perceived as an idealist. Deep within himself, he senses the presence of a “new life.” It is the crucible of his ideal and all his hopes. The “new life” may assume the garb of various philosophies of liberation; whatever they may be, they all endeavor to revitalize alienated modern people, oppressed and downtrodden by Western civilization. However, in his striving to free himself and his fellow humans from a social contract based on the power of sheer lucre and corrupt lobbies, he displays a singular inclination to depend upon the very social forces he intends to topple. The reason for this is that, because he is quite sociable, the only thing he instinctively grasps profoundly is social action and organization. His perception of his own personality is vague or even negative. In fact, his grandiose personal gestures are motivated by a need to hide his unavowed feelings of inferiority and, at times, his fear of strong personalities. But he is above all an idealist. Hope is the prime mover of his spirit, and he is continually traveling along the axis of the hope/despair polarity. As he applies himself to ignoring whatever is impervious to his aspirations, he should acquire some certainty of what is still possible – for him and the world. In relation to his ideal, he behaves realistically, although others are unable to perceive his realism because he

Due to the influence of Gemini rising, Bobby Moynihan has an essentially intellectual personality, pliant and flexible. He has an avid and curious mind which automatically collects and codifies knowledge. Although by nature he is dynamic and communicative, insecurities might inhibit this drive and confine him to a somewhat remote approach to others. He is disciplined and serious. He feels most comfortable working by himself on a project which demands analysis, persistence, and self-control. Time and maturity should bring him restored self-confidence, enabling him to feel healthier and more secure. He will be open to learning to relax and let go, to revive his submerged wit, whimsicality, and spontaneity. He is best matched with Sagittarius partners; their native optimism, good humor, and sense of perspective would be likely to teach him a great deal.

Bobby Moynihan has high social aspirations. He believes that by gaining total control of his intellect, feelings, and instincts, he can achieve them.

Bobby Moynihan lives in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interests him more than what is right at hand and realistic.

Bobby Moynihan was born under the sign of Gemini (the Twins), in the sign of Aquarius (the Water-Bearer), at the time when the sun was passing through it. His rising sign indicates that he is ruled by the element air, which is a fortunate sign because it means that he is likely to be very communicative and creative. A summary of his personality clues shows that he is original, spontaneous, and fluctuating, which can create tension in his life. He also has a strong need for contact with others and a rebellious attitude, as well as a penchant for frivolity and humor.

Born in the three and one-half days before the full moon rose, Bobby Moynihan is said to be a “gibbous moon” lunar type. This “soli-lunar” configuration gives him a rich, complex personality, although he is sometimes troubled by the feeling he is struggling to do something great. Indeed, a feeling that he is lacking something may preoccupy him until he finds a spiritual or humanitarian cause worthy of his devotion. Devotion will be important to him as a foundation for his inner and outer development. If he fails to encounter a great and noble cause to which he is willing to pledge himself, he could always make do with a person whose aura and magnetism attract him. Whatever he decides, it is by working to serve a cause or another person that he will approach his own self-transformation.

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