What is Bobbi Eden’s Personality Type?

Bobbi Eden is a theorist who seeks to understand the absolute truths that animate her. She is wary of the outer world, her senses, and even her intellect, because they might all be sources of illusion. She is also introverted, rational, and contemplative. She is attracted to mountain climbing because of the challenge it presents. Alone at the peak, she can contemplate and understand everything. She is shrewd and persistent, and her stamina and endurance give her the confidence to take on difficult tasks. She is sensitive and vulnerable to emotional urges, but she is also cautious and self-reliant. She avoids casual dating and meaningless love affairs because they may destabilize her.

Bobbi Eden finds her work rewarding. Daily life and routine activities are excellent sources of self-fulfillment for her.

Bobbi Eden’s rising sign is located in Aries, while the sun is passing through the sign of Capricorn. A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide her personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of her character and indicate certain contradictions which may create tension: Individualism – Guile – Vitality and passion – Need for security – Pugnacity – Inhibition – Impatience – Studiousness – Impetuosity – Methodical nature – Enterprise – Foresight – Innovation – Loyalty. Her character is animated by the tension between an impulsive, spontaneous nature and an abiding need for security and continuity. Her behavior is jagged and seems to proceed by fits and starts. Maturity should bring her stability between these contradictory inclinations which will coexist, although she will still be aware of deep doubts provoked by the situation. Ambitious and persistent, she can devote all her energy to succeeding. Her taste for leadership makes her apt to play an important role in society, taking on serious responsibilities.

Born on the night of a full moon, you have a character that is both rational and objective. However, due to the natural pull of the moon, you have a more idealistic side as well. This allows you to be more understanding and compassionate, while also being able to be more demanding. Because of the opposing forces at work, you may find yourself struggling to balance your responsibilities with your own needs at times. You can be elitist at times, as well as earthy and vulgar. Because of this, your energy flow is strongest on the night of a full moon. It would be wise to schedule intense work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects.

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