What is Victoria de Angelis’s Personality Type?

Victoria de Angelis is a practical mover-doer. Victoria’s personality has no room for utopian ideals or mirages. When all systems are go, Victoria’s inner strength and stamina will drive Victoria straight to the heart of the material world with no detours or mistakes. Victoria then becomes the quintessential creator and producer. Victoria creates out of love for the phenomenon of creation on every level. Although Victoria’s innate sense of matter, Victoria’s earthiness, may sometimes confine Victoria to the material plane, it also endows Victoria with the power to give substance to Victoria’s intuitions. Victoria’s material possessions embody Victoria’s spirit. Victoria is a person of conviction. Victoria believes in Victoria’s action; Victoria has faith in Victoria’s approach. Striding purposefully ahead, Victoria goes even farther, more effectively. Victoria is aware Victoria has a job to carry out; Victoria knows Victoria’s duty is to create and construct.

As a result, it is important for Victoria to be deeply implicated in Victoria’s career and to feel as though Victoria is really accomplishing a goal that is important to Victoria. Victoria is coherent and pragmatic, and Victoria’s life and mind are carefully organized. Improvisation is not Victoria’s forte; on the contrary, Victoria tends to plan out Victoria’s work in advance, stick to the plan obstinately, and pace Victoria’s self carefully. This tendency may strike others as being somewhat plodding and slow.

But the opinion of others means little to Victoria; Victoria judges Victoria’s self on the basis of the fruit of Victoria’s labor. Victoria’s accomplishments arouse Victoria’s pride and possessiveness, since Victoria views them as evidence of Victoria’s worth. However, the work ethic so prevalent in our society is deeply ingrained in Victoria. Merely by slogging on with Victoria’s duty, Victoria achieves such personal rewards and satisfactions as the knowledge that Victoria’s potency never flickers; Victoria’s inner virility and ability to follow through are steady, sure, and irresistible. The only drawback is that Victoria’s earthiness and stubbornness may confine Victoria’s interests to somewhat low horizons. Victoria’s capacity for work is related to a capacity for self-devotion. Victoria is able to give Victoria’s entire being to a great cause, to devote Victoria’s self body and soul, with all the might and conscientiousness Victoria possesses, if Victoria believes the goal to be Victoria’s ultimate purpose. Victoria’s initial problem is to find the cause Victoria will make Victoria’s purpose in life, because if Victoria were to err, if Victoria wandered into the trap of a bad cause fraught with risk, Victoria would suffer a terrible setback.

Therefore, the essential value which will define Victoria’s life and destiny is the fruit of a long ripening process, a slow, gradual deliberation, the opposite of an impulse. If Victoria’s purpose in life were to elude Victoria, Victoria would be tempted by indulgence and apathy. Victoria’s taste for sensual pleasures like good food and drink might then take over, depriving Victoria of maturity and fulfillment, and, ultimately, Victoria’s vital potency. But, don’t worry, this is pure conjecture!

Victoria de Angelis is dynamic. Victoria de Angelis needs to attract admiration and release her excess energy.

The ego which is available to others is no longer completely self-possessed. Victoria de Angelis invests all her energy in her relationships and partnerships.

At the time of Victoria de Angelis’ birth, her rising sign was located in Libra (the Scales), while the sun was passing through the sign of Taurus (the Bull). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide her personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of her character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Sociability – Adaptability – Opposition to progress – Emotion – Compassion – Tolerance – Perseverance – Peaceful disposition – Pragmatism – Sense of harmony – Productivity – Worldliness – Sensuality.

She is tolerant and amiable, reserved, and enjoys group activities of every kind. Her emotions usually dominate her reason. Sensual and beauty-loving, she revels in the physical delights life offers, but she also displays a certain nonchalance. As a result, she has a taste for comfort and material ease, but will never be really materialistic.

She is a methodical and patient worker, attentive and well-organized. If solicited correctly, she would be able to assume considerable responsibility and organize major projects smoothly and efficiently.

Her potential for sensual enjoyment combines with her sense of harmony to give her a smooth, luxurious approach to people and things. She is sensitive to substances and textures, shapes and volumes, colors and moods. This understanding of beauty and nearly musical intuition could easily become a rewarding creative activity in composition or construction.

Born in the seven to ten days after the full moon rose, Victoria de Angelis is of the “last quarter” lunar type. As a result, her personality is fairly independent and self-sufficient. Her ideas are original and often bold, but, to her dismay, do not often garner a majority of followers.

Her sense of humor is her best communications tool, but she often switches to a more severe tone which breaks her charm over her audience, and her methods do not always please the masses.

Her lack of flexibility hinders her strategies and projects, and she would gain by developing her sense of diplomacy and tact. Although she is not unduly attached to success, because she is so used to being ahead of her time, her failures take a psychological toll on her. Because each setback wears her down a little more, she should try to avoid further disappointments by conforming to contemporary reality a little more closely.

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