What is Tiana Wilson’s Personality Type?

Tiana Wilson is a loner. She is sometimes withdrawn and has a fairly chilly, nonchalant personality. Although she is introverted, she is extremely rational. She is wary at times of the outer world, her senses, and even her intellect, because they might all be sources of illusion. Her quest for identity with a spiritual whole gives her a voracious appetite for ideologies, structures, and theories. Readings which others would find abstract and intellectual impress her as reflections of important and lively realities. As a result, she has a penchant for reflection and philosophical study. She is intrigued by difficult problems and enjoys solving them. There is no difficulty which can discourage her from the goal she has decided to reach for herself.

Tiana’s depth of vision, common sense, and caution, her tendency to be a bit calculating and sometimes conservative, her stamina, and her independent mind all give her the ability to tackle difficult tasks. Her concentration gives her an undeniable gift for abstraction and conjecture. As a theoretician, she aims to discover what is essential and universal. Indeed, she seeks to go beyond what is relative, contingent upon circumstances, or inadequate, to reach the absolute truth she fervently desires. Her budding intuition is extremely receptive to the sacred or holy. As a result, the ideal or cause she espouses will be related to the concept of universality or totality. Since her lifetime adventure is based in part on this absolute truth, it is important for her to make an effort to define its nature. What sort of universality is she striving for; what spiritual Everest (in herself or outwardly) is she trying to scale? In fact, she tends to like mountain climbing, because of the effort it requires. It’s a great joy for her. Alone at the peak, she can contemplate and understand everything. In pursuit of this absolute center (positive or negative) which animates her, she is shrewd and persistent. Stamina and endurance are resources of which she is quite confident. Her existence and organism are arranged to optimize them; others may consider her slow, but she is really just playing it safe, because, unconsciously, she knows time is on her side. When she takes an initiative, it is after careful forethought and preparation.

Tiana’s great composure, ability to resist and overcome obstacles and wickedness, and her foresight give her a great potential to accomplish total self-control. However, she must beware of one pitfall: excess. She tends to be a bit too rigid and intolerant; in intellectual pursuits, she can tend to be dogmatic, hermetic, or conformist. Some people criticize her obsession with labeling things. A creature of duty, naturally sober and relatively self-disciplined, sometimes a little too demanding of herself, she might commit herself to a productive lifestyle as readily as to a stoic philosophy. The path to liberty mapped by a respect for order is not the easiest to follow. Tiana’s introverted personality gives her an attitude of reserve. She appreciates solitude and does not always enjoy sharing her feelings. She avoids superficial human contact as much as possible. Indeed, she sometimes feels uncomfortable at long, drawn-out social occasions and activities, and her interest in others is aroused only when they discuss subjects of special concern to her, such as her own business.

This cold exterior hides a lively sensitivity and a heart eager for passion. Quite sensitive and sometimes vulnerable to emotional urges, she would rather be safe than sorry. She tends to avoid casual dating and meaningless love affairs because they may destabilize her. As in every other endeavor, any emotional enterprise she embarks upon will be for the long-term, after careful forethought and deliberation. She prizes deep feelings and the intense passion they arouse. Once she finds a kindred spirit, she will have to learn how to express her feelings and release long pent-up urges. It is important for her to succeed, because if her emotions are deprived of the energy to obtain a release, her personality will become mired in a bog of unconscious repressed desires and frustrated yearnings. The inability to assert the aspirations of her heart would be reflected by a type of behavior which would bring on her total isolation and separation from others.

Tiana has high social aspirations. She believes that by gaining total control of her intellect, feelings, and instincts, she can achieve them.

Tiana Wilson derives great rewards from every source of pleasure or creation (physical, artistic, or emotional). Tiana has a penchant for speculation.

At the time of Tiana’s birth, her rising sign was located in Leo (the Lion), while the sun was passing through the sign of Capricorn (the Goat). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide her personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of her character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Determination – Need for security – Pride and self-assurance – Inhibition – Superiority – Application – Brilliance – Methodical mind – Generosity – Foresight – Positivism – Loyalty.

Her primary nature, radiant and optimistic, is sometimes overshadowed by a more withdrawn side of her personality. As a result, her behavior vacillates between extrovertedness and timidity, between great openness and enthusiasm and reserve.

Ambitious and eager to devote herself to a great cause, she usually works independently, with persistence and a self-imposed demand for perfectionism. To reach harmony, she must learn to allow her emotionalism as much free expression as her logic.

Born in the three and one-half days after the full moon rose, Tiana Wilson is said to be a “full moon” lunar type. This “soli-lunar” configuration gives Tiana an objective, rational, and lucid character. However, since the moon is opposite the sun at the time of the full moon, Tiana’s objective tendencies are balanced by a more idealistic penchant. Because the forces pull Tiana in two different ways – one toward dreams, the other toward reality – Tiana may be aware of some inner contradictions which are causing practical and social difficulties for Tiana.

At times, Tiana is too demanding of herself or others, comparing them to an ideal, whereas at others, Tiana is too nonchalant and indulgent about life. Tiana vacillates between two poles. One is elitist; the other is more earthy and perhaps vulgar at times. The result is a multifaceted self.

Generally speaking, Tiana’s monthly energy flow is strongest at the time of the full moon. Tiana would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects.

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