What is Salish Matter’s Personality Type?

Salish Matter has a dual nature. Two tendencies dwell within their psyche: one is related to their instincts and endows them with supreme strength and intense material desires, and the other flows from a higher psychic authority, the superego or human ideal, and inspires them with a precise awareness of their purpose and dignity as a human being among their fellows. The distinctiveness, if not the opposition, between these two tendencies is likely to trouble their quest for inner harmony at times.

However, the difficulty they must overcome is not limited to a conflict between these two natures. Instead, they must choose which direction the energy generated by the contradiction will take. In other words, in more practical terms, if they identify with the power residing in society and the complex interactions of human beings, they can find one goal, one direction in which the power can lead. The positive side of this nature is the cohesive and all-encompassing understanding they derive from it. In daily life, they could be a resourceful and valuable organizer, designer, leader, or legislator. In fact, they have the native skills necessary for managing and leading a team of co-workers. The coherence of their thought is apt to enable them to budget and organize human energies for maximum profit and minimum loss. Overlooking from the outset trivial details and a tendency to be unable to see the forest for the trees, they can implement global, methodical systems and structures to solve problems.

On another level, they have a nature profoundly attached to morality and ethics. They conceive of ethics as a practical system for human relations, not an idealistic and unattainable dream. Indeed, it should be noted that it is inexact to call them an idealist. If they seek an ideal, it is based on what already exists, by organizing it and putting it into practice, by seeing it operate smoothly and efficiently. Their originality comes from the fact that they always strive to go beyond common sense in search of a new perspective, which would enrich the spirit and transform values.

All of these skills and resources predispose them to devote themselves to society. In the process, however, they are likely to overdo it to such a degree that their own personality is overshadowed. That is, they would identify too heavily with their social mask (their persona) and lose awareness of their individuality.

Salish Matter is sensual. Pleasure is important to them.

Salish Matter needs others to fulfill themselves and accomplish their ambitions.

At the time of Salish Matter’s birth, their rising sign was located in Cancer (the Crab), while the sun was passing through the sign of Sagittarius (the Archer). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide their personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of their character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Sensitivity – Impetuosity – Imagination – Enthusiasm – Eccentricity – Group spirit – Savings and thrift – Impressionability – Suspicion – Analytical mind – Obstinacy – Worldliness – Premonition – Projection.

Torn by Salish Matter’s yearnings for freedom and independence and their undeniable need for security, they will have to work hard in the early part of their life to find inner harmony. Although they are attracted to novelty, like exotic travel destinations and exploration, they are aware that some inner necessity links them to a small circle of interests and friends. They may reproach themselves for their egotism.

Because they are subject to the pull of these contradictory desires, their daily behavior could alternate between boundless enthusiasm and anxiety. However, their imaginative talents could enable them to experience fantastic adventures without leaving the comfort of their own home, and here lies the fulfillment of their aspirations.

As an adult, they will probably find the feeling of security and confidence whose lack troubled them earlier in life. At that point, their considerable human qualities will blossom. Their free spirit will be open to the intuitive messages arriving from their unconscious, and their amazingly fertile imagination will become a source of pleasure and creativity.

Born in the three and one-half days before the full moon rose, Salish Matter is said to be a “gibbous moon” lunar type. This “soli-lunar” configuration gives them a rich, complex personality, although they are sometimes troubled by the feeling they are struggling to do something great. Indeed, a feeling that they are lacking something may preoccupy them until they find a spiritual or humanitarian cause worthy of their devotion.

Devotion will be important to them as a foundation for their inner and outer development. If they fail to encounter a great and noble cause to which they are willing to pledge themselves, they could always make do with a person whose aura and magnetism attract them. Whatever they decide, it is by working to serve a cause or another person that they will approach their own self-transformation.

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