What does NLE CHOPPA’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

NLE CHOPPA is searching for stability; NLE CHOPPA wants to find a firm, unchanging structure for life. But NLE CHOPPA’s efforts to achieve this ideal are often vain, because unconsciously, NLE CHOPPA is also inhabited by the opposite desire. Every time NLE CHOPPA reaches what NLE CHOPPA believes to be a good balance, NLE CHOPPA realizes NLE CHOPPA wants something entirely different. NLE CHOPPA would do well to become aware that the concepts of stability and balance are difficult to apply to life. By definition, life is movement, change, and perpetual instability.

NLE CHOPPA has a paternal complex and, as a result, some trouble finding their identity. Perhaps their father or a father figure was absent physically or emotionally during their childhood, which deprived them of the patterns or models which are usually helpful in structuring a personality. Because they might have lacked a particular sense of security which could be provided by a paternal presence, as well as the examples of behavior to follow in confronting the difficulties inherent in every life, they were forced to protect themselves against negative influences and find their own system in order to grow and feel secure.

Although this system was quite useful to them as a child, it has now settled in to such a degree that it interferes with their evolution. Psychological defense mechanisms and crutches which were once useful now encumber their mind or inhibit their developmental efforts. As a result, in certain situations, it is difficult for them to assert themselves, and they tend to remain an awkward or passive observer. Because their authoritarian urges are mainly directed at themselves rather than others, they sometimes feel guilty about their behavior. They judge themselves severely, and sometimes punishes themselves by setting difficult tasks for themselves. Gradually, they should build up a strong inner discipline and acquire the strength to face the problems of existence in a detached and mature way.

NLE CHOPPA is affectionate by nature, and love plays a decisive and central role in his life. He is a charmer who needs to love and be loved. Aware of his personal magnetism and the power it gives him, he will make subtle changes in himself in order to attract positive attention. He is sophisticated and pleased to savor a lifestyle he sees as a consummate art.

NLE CHOPPA has a taste for luxury and magnificence, for a dazzling social life and a distinguished career. When things are going well for NLE CHOPPA, NLE CHOPPA tends to think of NLE CHOPPA as the center of the universe, an attitude that those close to NLE CHOPPA do not always appreciate. Although NLE CHOPPA is quite likely to succeed in NLE CHOPPA’s ambition to become wealthy and popular and lead a remarkable life in the outer world, NLE CHOPPA’s lack of moderation and overweening self-confidence expose NLE CHOPPA to some danger. NLE CHOPPA’s exaggerated optimism could create difficulties for NLE CHOPPA by causing NLE CHOPPA to make errors in judgment.

NLE CHOPPA is extremely sensitive and receptive and tends to live in osmosis with his surroundings. His individuality almost seems to be diluted in a flood of sensations and impressions which are continually washing over him, and he sometimes finds it difficult to communicate his feelings to other people. This tide of emotion is a source of inspiration and intuition, but his fluid inner structure and organization sometimes make it difficult for him to grasp the essence of his dreams and share them with other people. He is not at all combative, and this tends to hinder his efforts to fit into society and assert himself productively.

You are likely to prefer fantasy to reality, but his refusal to abandon his unattainable dreams is a psychological trap he has fallen into without realizing it. He must understand that by running away from his obligations and commitments, he only increases the feelings of guilt which made reality so distasteful in the first place. Once he frees himself from this pernicious process, he has a great deal of potential for fulfilling himself in the outer world, either by devoting himself to some sort of social work or by cultivating his considerable artistic talents.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

Extremely sociable, NLE CHOPPA is instinctively in tune with others. A need to be accepted and respected makes NLE CHOPPA tactful and diplomatic; in fact, NLE CHOPPA will sometimes swallow personal pride in the interests of the smooth running of the group. NLE CHOPPA is also fond of harmony and order in artistic terms; NLE CHOPPA is sensitive and discerning, and will avoid anything crude and vulgar. As a result, NLE CHOPPA is sometimes offended by the harsh demands of existence. Relationships (the couple, or a partnership) take a central role in NLE CHOPPA’s life.

Although NLE CHOPPA’s demeanor is cool and distant, he is extremely sensitive. In some cases, his rather austere and rigid behavior and refusal to yield too readily to sentimentality discourage others from being too demonstrative of their tenderness and affection. He has spells of melancholy in which he does not feel worthy of being loved and tend to forbid himself any emotional fulfillment. An austere or somewhat traumatic childhood experience may be the source of this behavior. It is difficult for his inner self to be detached from this past life, and he sometimes has trouble reconciling the image he has of himself as an adult with the one he acquired back then. The idea he has of himself as an individual is related to the image his parents projected onto him as a child. Nevertheless, the past is history, and he is now an adult. It should be easy for him to rid himself of these phantoms through self-work. He has the ability to overcome his mistakes, as well as great endurance and will power to achieve his goals. Nevertheless, he must not repress his sensitivity in order to succeed.

Despite NLE CHOPPA’s desire to devote himself to the creation of a mild and harmonious emotional climate, he sometimes encounters friction with others. His vision of other people is sometimes clouded by feelings of insecurity, and his need to obtain acceptance at any price may sometimes drive him to make too many concessions or compromises.

NLE CHOPPA is extremely sensitive and has an irrepressible imagination, which sometimes causes trouble distinguishing dreams from reality. Although NLE CHOPPA’s imagination can be an abundant source of inspiration for creative or spiritual evolution, it tends to be less helpful and positive in matters that concern earning a decent living out in the real world. In a relationship, NLE CHOPPA is extremely romantic and does not always see others the way they really are. NLE CHOPPA has elegant tastes and art and beauty are one of NLE CHOPPA’s chief pleasures in life.

Love and Sensuality:

NLE CHOPPA’S attractions are usually immediate and intense. They rise quickly to fever pitch. The story of these passions is often dramatic to excess, combining all the plot elements of a classic love tragedy: jealousy, possessiveness, agony as an erotic stimulant, etc.

NLE CHOPPA’s birth chart indicates a somewhat introverted emotional function which is influenced by the cultural values traditional to NLE CHOPPA’s family and social class. Because NLE CHOPPA does not always trust NLE CHOPPA’s emotional urges and reactions, NLE CHOPPA generally prefers to hang back and acquire some perspective before committing NLE CHOPPA emotionally.

NLE CHOPPA’s emotional involvement might be the source of some dissatisfaction for him. The usual romantic behavior and the lifestyle values prevailing in this area are not really appropriate for him. As a result, he seeks few intimate emotional relationships or contacts. He tends to stay in the background and fulfill his emotional needs by sublimating. He might not attain full romantic satisfaction until he reaches middle age.

A fairly equivocal mixture of charm and passion, strength and frailty, NLE CHOPPA wields their wiles of sensual fascination and kindness with the purpose of controlling the other in addition to being loved. NLE CHOPPA is subject to intense and sometimes tragic passions, in which ecstasy and pain, jealousy and tenderness mingle inextricably. However, it is possible that as time goes on, NLE CHOPPA may succeed in overcoming their instincts and be able to devote themselves to the mate they have chosen in a positive and creative way.

When it comes to romance, NLE CHOPPA is sometimes indecisive. Their behavior may baffle their partners; a hesitation waltz in which they yield to affection and then suddenly bolt. Unfortunately, their timing is usually a little bit wrong – they may pass up or spoil a relationship which would have been extremely fulfilling. They tend to be especially attracted to people with a strong sexual aura; however, they are the type who could torment them or take advantage of their weaknesses.

NLE CHOPPA has a romantic imagination, soaring with idealism, dreams, and poetry. NLE CHOPPA is emotive and hypersensitive, making NLE especially vulnerable emotionally, since NLE is sometimes overwhelmed by NLE’s feelings and affects. Although NLE seeks an ideal soulmate, a partner with whom NLE could maintain blissful, smooth relations, NLE is sometimes met with disillusionment. Because NLE’s rather excessive sensitivity and NLE’s need to merge with the other are deep and powerful enough, they can submerge NLE’s judgment and discernment, so NLE sometimes forms extremely intense bonds too quickly with individuals who are not appropriate partners in many ways. When NLE meets someone, NLE falls under the enchantment of NLE’s dream of ideal love and cannot keep NLE from delighting in a reverie of future romance, placing the other on a pedestal. Early on in the relationship, NLE yields to another of NLE’s characteristic urges and loses NLE in the individual who is so dear to NLE, melding with them, only to awaken one morning and find NLE as if in the arms of a stranger, greatly astounded and disappointed. Actually, NLE’s psyche is constructed in such a way as to make NLE’s sensitivity a function of the environment, in many cases; it follows the flow of momentary emotions and impressions. Before NLE takes on any major commitments, NLE should make a conscious effort to evaluate the relationship realistically, and see whether the person really reciprocates NLE’s intense love, for NLE may merely be in love with the mirage of an ideal partner. NLE’s tendency to believe in NLE’s illusions may mark NLE as an easy prey for people with bad intentions. It would be a good idea for NLE to find a different object for NLE’s affections, or a form of sublimation, because NLE tends to be so disappointed by NLE’s great emotional investments. The delicacy and subtlety of NLE’s imagination procure artistic refinement for NLE, and NLE loves the arts, music, and literature, which could all be good sources of emotional involvement and fulfillment. Because NLE’s sensitivity also makes it easy for NLE to empathize with the psychological or social difficulties NLE’s peers are struggling with, NLE might also find it rewarding to commit NLE to social work.

Mental and Intellect:

Curious, skeptical, and pragmatic, NLE CHOPPA has a shrewd, inquisitorial mind. NLE CHOPPA always tries to detect the hidden mechanisms and processes behind the phenomena NLE CHOPPA observes. As a result, NLE CHOPPA has developed an ability to detect the truth behind appearances and the cause behind the effect. Although this way of thinking is based on a certain logic, and there is evidence of structure and cohesion in NLE CHOPPA’S deductive approach, it is not always purely intellectual. Indeed, its sources lie in a certain empiricism, in facts which have been experienced, so it is open to improvement. For this reason, its fields of application are highly diverse, although research in the hard sciences, psychology, and metaphysics seem to be the best career choices.

NLE CHOPPA expresses his thoughts and ideas in direct, spontaneous outbursts. NLE CHOPPA is fairly extroverted and eager to discover and understand the outer world. An idealist, NLE CHOPPA looks forward to a bright future but is sometimes subjective and reckless.

NLE CHOPPA is usually kind and benevolent to other people. They exert a certain charm and know how to speak persuasively and convincingly. They are also adept at smoothing the asperities of what they have to say when it is necessary. This aspect of their personality is a great advantage to them socially. However, in situations where they must either compete or deal with direct conflict and hostility, they may be somewhat at a loss for how to behave.

NLE CHOPPA has an undeniable gift for oratory which could be applied to a communications-related occupation or to artistic expression (as a stage or screen actor). Writing and dance, two other arts which associate expression and movement, might also be fields in which they would excel.

NLE CHOPPA has a structured mind and penetrating intelligence, but NLE CHOPPA’s thought processes tend to be somewhat plodding. This slow pace may be the consequence of some failure or humiliation during NLE CHOPPA’s formative years. NLE CHOPPA is fairly inhibited and pessimistic and tends to doubt in NLE CHOPPA and NLE CHOPPA’s intellectual skills despite NLE CHOPPA’s undeniable gifts as a thinker. NLE CHOPPA should become aware that NLE CHOPPA’s thought patterns and habits are the sign that NLE CHOPPA is on the brink of a really big breakthrough which will give NLE CHOPPA an understanding of the complexity of things and phenomena; however, it will take time and effort.

NLE CHOPPA’s mind is deep and accurate and is attracted by the essence of things and their fundamental structure. As a result, NLE CHOPPA is particularly suited to the study of mathematics, architecture, engineering, or perhaps even politics. NLE CHOPPA’s contribution to society will probably be most lasting and effective in the field of knowledge and expertise. Whatever career NLE CHOPPA chooses, NLE CHOPPA should learn to work alone, because NLE CHOPPA tends to be uncomfortable in some surroundings.

NLE CHOPPA will also have to learn to conquer NLE CHOPPA’s impatience, because NLE CHOPPA tends to waste time agonizing over deadlines and schedules. Moreover, a lack of self-confidence could cause NLE CHOPPA to be fairly conventional and respectful of time-honored ways. Instead, NLE CHOPPA should find the courage to question NLE CHOPPA’s convictions.

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