What is Mark Schlereth’s Personality Type?

An extroverted intuitive, you are open to the reality of the world, objects, and others. You have a special duality to your mind, which is made up of equal parts of intellectual resources and sensitivity, giving you great intuition and humanism. As a function of this latter, you have a great sense of your fellow human and the oracular art of divining people’s unconscious wishes and motivations – in fact, your advice is often sought.

In material terms, it gives you a talent for locating lost objects and a spirit of discovery and invention. Overall, you welcome the signs arriving from the outer world in a positive and liberal way and even incite them to promise more than they can provide. However, when something does not satisfy you, you have the ability to cheer yourself up rapidly and are quick to discover whatever positive aspects it may present. This involves a process of readaptation which requires formidable ego transformations, and they are the challenge for you. It is up to you to renew yourself, to behave in such a way as to drain your environment of fearsome or threatening aspects. You are usually perceived as an idealist.

Deep within yourself, you sense the presence of a “new life.” It is the crucible of your ideal and all your hopes. The “new life” may assume the garb of various philosophies of liberation; whatever they may be, they all endeavor to revitalize alienated modern people, oppressed and downtrodden by Western civilization. However, in your striving to free yourself and your fellow humans from a social contract based on the power of sheer lucre and corrupt lobbies, you display a singular inclination to depend upon the very social forces you intends to topple. The reason for this is that, because you are quite sociable, the only thing you instinctively grasp profoundly is social action and organization.

Your perception of your own personality is vague or even negative. In fact, your grandiose personal gestures are motivated by a need to hide your unavowed feelings of inferiority and, at times, your fear of strong personalities. But you are above all an idealist. Hope is the prime mover of your spirit, and you are continually traveling along the axis of the hope/despair polarity. As you apply yourself to ignoring whatever is impervious to your aspirations, you should acquire some certainty of what is still possible – for you and the world. In fact, in relation to your ideal, you behave realistically, although others are unable to perceive your realism

Due to the influence of Sagittarius rising, you have an essentially optimistic personality, open and flexible. You have a lively and curious mind which automatically collects and codifies knowledge. Although by nature you are dynamic and communicative, insecurities might inhibit this drive and confine you to a somewhat open approach to others. You are disciplined and serious. You feel most comfortable working with others on a project which demands collaboration, communication, and cooperation. Time and maturity should bring you restored self-confidence, enabling you to feel healthier and more secure. You will be open to learning to relax and let go, to revive your submerged wit, whimsicality, and spontaneity. You are best matched with Gemini partners; their native ability to read and react quickly would be likely to teach you a great deal.

Mark Schlereth believes that by gaining total control of his intellect, feelings, and instincts, he can achieve them.

Mark Schlereth tends to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interests him more than what is right at hand and realistic.

Mark Schlereth has a rising sign in Gemini, ruled by the element air. He also has Aquarius as his sun sign, which is ruled by the element water. The various clues mentioned above suggest that Schlereth has a personality that is original, colorful, and very unconventional. He enjoys the unheard-of and the outrageous, and he is likely to take pleasure in switching sides in the middle of a discussion and proclaiming contradictory certainties to a baffled but appreciative audience. Schlereth has a lively mind and a brilliant, original sense of humor and verve. He is memorable, and his inspired by humanistic and generous ideals. However, he is in continual rebellion against the constraints and conventions of society and the unfairness and discrimination they lead to. With the advent of maturity, Schlereth should be more comfortable with his personal choices and find it easier to make compromises to convention. His aptitude for exploration and discovery, as well as his abilities to improvise and innovate, will then find fields in which to flourish. Once he settles down, he could be successful in many careers, including communication, teaching, psychology, sociology, graphic arts, etc.

Mark Schlereth was born three and a half to seven days after the rising of the new moon, and is said to be a “crescent moon” lunar type. This “soli-lunar” configuration indicates that he may need to make an effort to free himself from the past. Something related to his childhood, parents, or ancestors is holding him back, impairing his effectiveness and could stand to be overcome. Due to his past, he refuses tried-and-true models, is always fighting to justify his innovative viewpoints, and tends to break away from tradition. He is hardly ever aware that he is making career and lifestyle choices which are based on an urge to modify his relationship to society, and the rigid standards and models from the past.

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