What kind of person is Kim Taehyung?

Kim Taehyung experiences his inner life as a process of growth and maturation, nurtured by his involvement with others and the positive and negative encounters this generates.

Because Kim Taehyung is a social being oriented toward other people, his personal interests often mingle with those of his associates or those of the group to which he belongs. He is motivated by a need to work in common with other people and to share life’s pleasures and pain. His commitments to other people are of paramount importance to his personal development. This dependence may present difficulties with individual self-assertion and make it hard for him to make decisions alone. If he wants to achieve inner equilibrium, he must behave in such a way that his actions yield benefits to others as well as himself.

While Kim Taehyung is attracted to interpersonal activities, his significant need for inner security may stand in the way of his overtures to others. Since Kim Taehyung is highly receptive to other people’s inner natures, he seeks tight bonds with others. Kim Taehyung unconsciously needs their psychological support in his quest for himself. Were Kim Taehyung to evaluate his psychological development, he would place more value upon human warmth, intimacy, and the need to share than on intellectual understanding or personal freedom of expression.

Kim Taehyung has a tendency to identify with others. Kim Taehyung forms friendships easily and naturally and enjoys participating in other people’s lives. Sociable, Kim Taehyung enjoys being seen and appreciates popularity and recognition. Solitude bores Kim Taehyung. Kim Taehyung’s life and personal relations are in sync with Kim Taehyung’s friendships and outer events. Most often, Kim Taehyung shares the opinion of others.

I am a realist. I approach life pragmatically, and even my feelings are based on rational, tangible evidence. I base my judgements on past experience and am prone to skepticism. A hard worker, I take pride in my own endeavors and have a personal concept of my productivity. My possessions help me assert myself as an individual and act as an antidote to any feelings of insecurity. As a result, material accomplishments may preoccupy me more than either love as a passion or intellectual or philosophical considerations. Nevertheless, I become attached to anything which offers me certainty.

Although Kim Taehyung may not necessarily notice the fact about himself because he is so strongly engaged in actions, feelings, or material concerns, he sometimes lacks sound judgment. This impairment arises from a difficulty in obtaining perspective on himself and his life. He may be puzzled by his troubled relations with others.

Kim Taehyung must make an effort to detach himself from his personal reaction and observe it from an objective, more distant standpoint. If not, he is likely to find himself under stress or pressure because he did not give enough prior thought to tactics and strategy.

He may also experience dissatisfaction in his intimate relationships because he might struggle to get in sync with others.

He gives little time or respect to anyone he sees as too “intellectual,” because he resists adapting to new ideas and viewpoints. In fact, an idea that rubs him the wrong way mentally and/or emotionally may elicit an explosive reaction. Self-analysis can be challenging for Kim Taehyung and he tends to refuse to develop a solid, permanent idea of himself – and this plays a lot of tricks on him.

Kim Taehyung works harder than others to understand other people’s feelings. But this seeming lack of empathy and compassion for others simply mirrors Kim Taehyung’s own difficulty in understanding their own feelings and emotional needs. Kim Taehyung is not insensitive, but they are baffled by their own emotions. Kim Taehyung sees the emotional world as a foreign terrain, perhaps fraught with hidden dangers. Becoming familiar with it would present more drawbacks than advantages. As a result, Kim Taehyung may appear to be hard or aloof.

Kim Taehyung might struggle to establish a rewarding relationship, as they seek special individuals to bond with. If Kim Taehyung were able to accept and understand their own emotions, they would have an easier time grappling with other people’s feelings.

Kim Taehyung has a strong desire for emotional independence, and might have trouble seeing other people’s emotional needs. Kim Taehyung might even be the first to deny that such needs are real.

As a result, Kim Taehyung’s dependency on others is unconscious. Because it is seen as such a threat, it is repressed. Actually, although Kim Taehyung offers conscious resistance to anyone who tries to lure them out of their emotional bubble, Kim Taehyung is always making timid, half-conscious forays into the world of feelings, because Kim Taehyung’s loneliness and fear are so unbearable.

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