What kind of person is Bryce Hall?

Bryce Hall seeks to make his inner wealth outwardly manifest and substantial.

Bryce Hall leads a relatively extroverted life which is open to the outside world. His personal consciousness is forged by the heat of outer events. He is inclined to adopt the most objective viewpoint possible to be pragmatic and perhaps even materialistic.

You try to understand other people's feelings, but you find it difficult. You think that you are insensitive, but really you just don't understand your own emotions. You see the emotional world as a mystery, and it's difficult to get comfortable with it. If you could understand your own emotions, you might be able to get along better with other people. You have a strong desire for emotional independence, and might find it difficult to connect with others emotionally. You might also be the first to deny that someone else's emotions are real. This makes you dependent on others, but it's unconscious so you don't know it.

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