What does Bryce Hall’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If you really want to improve and transform yourself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding you back and preventing your evolution.
Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall sometimes feels conflicted about wanting both a successful social life and a stable domestic life. He is committed to both ideas, but sometimes it feels like he will never be able to find a balance. However, no promotion will really satisfy him if he neglects his most intimate needs and desires. Although it sometimes seems easier to him to climb the career ladder out there in the real world, if he sacrifices his domestic life, he is only trying to fool himself. He should accept the fact that his domestic life is the true basis and foundation of his development. All his career endeavors and success will be even more rewarding if they are supported by a safe, warm personal life.

Bryce Hall,

Although you are friendly and outgoing and commit yourself to friendships and partnerships, you often find it difficult to balance your own needs, desires, and goals with the objective reality of others and their individual desires and needs. To understand and overcome this problem, you should accept the idea that every relationship follows more or less the same general scheme: a base of intimacy and an accomplishment or purpose apart from the relationship itself. If you succeed in defining, through discussion and communication, what sort of intimate relationship you and your partners want to maintain and what accomplishment or purpose they hope to achieve, many conflicts will be avoided.

Bryce Hall has a variety of talents, but it can be difficult for him to concentrate on a single center of interest. He is ruled by his nervousness and suggestibility, and sometimes he struggles to use his adaptive abilities to his full advantage and take the time to formulate the solutions to his problems. To be truly effective, it is important for him to learn to control his jittery mind; otherwise, he may drain his nervous system of energy. If he encounters respiratory problems, like asthma (due to nerves), it will be a signal that the need to change is urgent.

Bryce Hall is rather obstinate, stubborn, and impervious to outside influences. Although his determination is an asset in bringing plans and projects to completion, it may also arouse bitter hostility against him. To fit in best, consider working on his flexibility and diplomacy.

Bryce Hall's energy is vast and very productive. He knows how to persevere and meet challenges, delays, and obstacles with determination and obstinacy, without altering his goals. He is fairly reluctant to change course as a result of outside intervention, preferring to bulldoze his way past any obstacles, slowly but steadily, rather than go around them. Sometimes his will is so powerful that he refuses to make any compromises or concessions, which may be a source of conflict with others. He might want to work on sharing his power or authority, which would allow him to accomplish more.

As a result of your great ambitions, Bryce Hall is fairly organized. He is able to work long and hard to achieve his goals and elaborates fairly rigid strategies to protect himself against any foreseeable obstacles. He is so absorbed in his business that he does not always realize that he tends to be somewhat peremptory with the people around him and that he might do well to soften his tone and be more tactful at times. His friendships seem stifling and superfluous to him, and he is sometimes tormented by inner conflict when he is forced to submit to another's will. To succeed, Bryce Hall needs to be less dogmatic. Trust in himself and other people and flexibility.

Bryce Hall has a tendency to focus on his own success and forget the needs of others. Although he trusts his own skills in business, finance, and investments, Bryce can be prone to making mistakes in judgement. He is less interested in learning from others and can often miss important opportunities.

Bryce Hall is fairly independent and individualistic, so it is easy for him to detach himself from prevailing intellectual trends and pursue his activities independently. He may tend to be too self-focused. However, he is likely to encounter situations in life which require that he adapt to new and unfamiliar circumstances by changing his system of values. If he clings to a narrow vision of the truth, certain relationship experiences may shatter it, leaving him with a feeling of loss and disorientation until he recovers. The best cure would be putting his determination into changing his life and concentrating on new goals.

To trust yourself better and gain self-assurance, the first thing you must do is learn to say no. Once you are capable of saying no to others, you can say yes to life. You must develop your awareness of all the good things in your life, as well as all the changes you hope to make in order to enjoy life more. This is the foundation that will support you, the inexhaustible source and center of the transformation of your personality. Infantile anxieties which arose in childhood when you were helpless may be obstacles to your evolution. Sometimes they actually prevent you from daring to confront challenges you would be altogether capable of assuming now! One of the reasons you yield to these childhood fears so readily is because they procure a feeling so familiar to you that, although it is negative, it is a reassuring part of your identity. However, the more often you reinforce this complex by yielding to that feeling, the more unaware you become of your true emotional state. The irrational childhood fears have also reinforced your pessimistic tendencies. It is difficult for you to believe in the sunny side of life because of the pernicious little voice inside you that claims you don’t really deserve all this goodness. This side of you could undermine your vitality and force you to compensate or flee from reality. In doing so, you limit your power to bring about a positive change in yourself or your life. It's a vicious cycle, and to free yourself, the first step is to free yourself from the fears which prevent you from taking full advantage of life. You can succeed if you arrange a relaxed, positive environment for yourself, establish sincere relations with one or two special people, and, if possible, find a setting – perhaps a yoga class – in which you can practice relaxation exercises.

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