What does Bobby Wagner’s psychology tell us about them?

Bobby Wagner is a serious, steadfast individual who tries to stay grounded. His ambitions are strong, and he will always be seeking a higher social position. He sometimes adopts a strategy of solitude and introversion.

You were born with a paternal complex. Although your father or a father figure was absent physically or emotionally during your childhood, this left you without the patterns or models which are usually helpful in structuring a personality. Because you lacked a sense of security which could be provided by a paternal presence, as well as the examples of behavior to follow in confronting the difficulties inherent in every life, you were forced to protect yourself against negative influences and find your own system in order to grow and feel secure. Although this system was quite useful to you as a child, it has now settled in to such a degree that it interferes with your evolution. Psychological defense mechanisms and crutches which were once useful now encumber your mind or inhibit your developmental efforts. As a result, in certain situations, it is difficult for you to assert yourself, and you tend to remain an awkward or passive observer. Because your authoritarian urges are mainly directed at yourself rather than others, you sometimes feel guilty about your behavior. You judge yourself severely, and sometimes punishes yourself by setting difficult tasks for yourself. Gradually, you should build up a strong inner discipline and acquire the strength to face the problems of existence in a detached and mature way.

You are a free thinker and individualist who believes that your most precious basic values are freedom and independence. You have thrown off what you perceive as the burden of the conventions and customs of your social class, and adopted an innovative lifestyle. Your passionate convictions can sometimes trouble your relationships, as you may be an uncompromising partner. You would do well to learn to recognize your own limitations, and accept the responsibilities you have to other people, or you are liable to find yourself continually embroiled in conflicting relationships. The roots of your somewhat extreme behavior probably lie in your relationship with your father or teachers in childhood and adolescence. For one reason or another, you may have rejected the paternal image or refused to identify with your father, in the same way as you now refuse to adopt any values related to convention, tradition, or widespread usage. In every important life decision you make as an adult, you are forced to rely on yourself to elaborate the appropriate behavior, and the limits you must impose on your desires in relation to reality and the law.

Bobby Wagner prefers to adhere to a plan that is based on logic and moral reasoning. His behavior reflects this tendency. He usually adopts strict models that are elaborated on the basis of logical or moral reasons. Bobby does not readily express his personal feelings or emotions and may sometimes strike others as a rigid person. However, his conscientiousness and application make him thrive in a work environment. He tends to treat social engagements and activities as a form of duty. Bobby’s natural taste for clarity, detail, and technique would make him successful as a scientific researcher or high-tech designer.

Bobby Wagner maintains strong ties with his past, and it often seems difficult for him to open his heart to new people. His love affairs exist on the surface level, because his lust and sensual desire rarely turn into a need to understand, protect, and care for the other. Moreover, it is difficult for him to meet partners who combine the ideals of the tender parent and the great lover.

Because you were born with a rebellious spirit, you quickly developed an individual identity. Your first taste of liberty may have led you to challenge the education and values you received from family and class tradition, and you were able to forge a strong, original personality and philosophy. Your relationships are usually free of conflict, because you are able to reconcile your need for independence with your desire for affection. However, your partners should be open and lively people, able to keep pace with you in your rapid evolution. You have a lively and inspired wit, and a brisk interest in the future, technological progress, and new lifestyles. You would be especially successful in communications-related careers like journalism, film, TV, radio, and advertising. Although you are an individualist, you have a powerful desire to contribute to the evolution of society and better its development.

Bobby Wagner has a sensitive and imaginative mind, which can sometimes lead him to confuse dreams with reality. Although his imagination can be a source of inspiration for creative and spiritual evolution, it is less helpful and positive when it comes to matters such as finding a job that pays a decent wage. In a relationship, Bobby is extremely romantic and often sees others in a way that is not true. He has elegant tastes and art and beauty are among his chief pleasures in life.

Bobby Wagner enjoyed captivating people with the elegance and ease of his expression. He was a witty and engaging flirt, an avid player of the game of love. As a result, the history of his affections was liable to be episodic, a long series of chapters about conquests or fleeting love affairs. He may carry on some love relationships by writing letters.

Bobby Wagner’s birth chart indicates that he has an emotional function that is expressed in a direct and fairly impulsive way. He enjoys reaching out to other people and making discoveries. An eternal teenager with his gaze riveted on the future, he is imbued with an eminently subjective and personal idealism.

Bobby Wagner is sensitive and discreet, the epitome of devotion and self-denial. He is withdrawn, but he will energetically perform any chore for those he loves. A precious helpmate, he will adapt and devote himself body and soul to the one he chooses while remaining in the background.

Bobby Wagner does not always form lasting attachments, and he finds that new loves give him a sense of self-renewal. He is extremely affectionate, especially verbally. He is usually attracted to people with whom he can share his ideas but will be galvanized by a person who is fleeting, elusive, or impossible to grasp. In any case, his love life will not always be simple and straightforward.

Bobby Wagner has a lively wit which gives him great agility and scope and a broad field of consciousness which enlivens his curiosity and makes him love variety and change. His mind is alert and his speech is full of verve, humor, and sometimes impudence. These abilities are great resources in communication, discussion, and debate. He is a storehouse of information and ideas of every kind and delights in manipulating words and concepts, discovering new things, and sharpening his memory for trivial facts. This mental agitation could sometimes make him scattered, however, or lacking in coherence and discipline.

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